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Good hiding spots in your room

Hiding Drugs Around the House. 13 Nov 2012 There's more to hiding your valuables than making them hard to find. If you need to hide your stuff, in plain sight, at home, or while on the move, then you can use your old and empty deodorant containers to create a safe and secret hiding place to stash your valuable items. that you forgot to pay last year or when your GF, wife, room mate or child gets into trouble We start the hunt at 6 a. If you hide your keys in these spots, you’ll likely get robbed. Tell us: Does your cat hide? What are some of Many people dream of having a secret room in their house. The closet is one of the best spots to hide a firearm, as long as it is a full closet. For example, you don’t want to stash your secrets in the obvious places: under your mattress, behind the toilet tank, or the bottom of your sock drawer for example. only leave stuff in your room if you ok so heres the ones ive thought of so far -inside playstation(any electronic console will work most likely) -inside of my bed frame( i have a metal framed bunk bedthere are small black plastic covers on various parts of the bed that you can take off and store things in) -inside pockets of clothes hanging show more ok so heres the ones ive thought of so far Hiding the first riddle both out of reach and under water – an aquarium on top of a cupboard for example – would be a mistake. 24 Aug 2017 5 Places in Your House That Can Become Hiding Spots for Scorpions Bellator Pest Control offers the best scorpion control in Phoenix. Hidden Bookcase from Imgur 8. Hide House Key Outside With   This Instructable is a collection of ideas of great places to hide secret stashes of self-explanatory, put your bills under the tall lamp in the corner of the room. There is the main camera and sensor unit that are independent so you place within 8 feet of your hiding location. If your vent hood is  your valuables will stay safe. So try this other one instead! It's much better indeed depending on your current state, but be quiet once hiding. DEA Agent Reveals All the Places Kids Could Hide Drugs in Their Rooms - Duration: 2:48. Tip: In order to make your safes immune from daytime and nighttime burglary, the first important thing is to never talk about your safes and hide them well (get to know the 5 creative ideas for how to hide a safe). When there is something that I want to hide from someone, unless it's a present in proximity of a birthday or a festivity, I always end up t Over the years prisoners have found some very interesting places to hide contraband in hopes that the officers don’t seek it out. Once they get out of your sight, cockroaches can be extremely difficult to locate. Having a secret place to hide your stash is an effective way of keeping your valued items safe and not within easy access to everyone, visitors, and family alike. Unsafe Hiding Places. A wall safe is a great idea, but wouldn't it be better if you could hide the safe altogether? Keeping the safe out of the hands of a thief is your ultimate goal. Yeah, there's ways to hide stuff in your home or at least on the lot. Gone are the days when locking your suitcase was enough to keep thieves out. If you have wall to wall carpet, pull it away from the wall in a place you won't forget and stash some of your money there. 22 Dec 2018 Do you have a secret hiding spot at home to keep your Christmas 8 of the best board games for a proper, screen-free, family Christmas. for the longest time in an old pair of shoes i had two condoms, half empty pack of swishers someone gave me, and a girls underwear. Looking up is the least natural eye movement for the person searching for you. They knew instinctually how to find the purrfect hiding spot, remain quiet and keep close and warm  Have you ever felt the sting of having your room searched? places: (If they are hiding things here it means they are getting help (friends/Internet) with their  6 Dec 2016 The major hiding spot in your bedroom is under the bed itself. Stick a magnet to a spare house key using hot glue, and tuck the key up out of sight inside the dryer vent hood. So if the worst happens and your whole collection disappears in a break in, your insurance will still cover it, right? Probably not. Unless you regularly hide the elf in your private bedroom and bathroom, you'll probably want to give your kids a  2 May 2017 The DEA blew the lid off of a bunch of timeless stash spots, but there are plenty In the drain pipe on the side of the house; In your desk drawer; In your As mentioned, the best way to hide your drugs is to not do them at all. And make sure they didn't hear you go to this hiding spot. 27 May 2019 A Secret Place to Hide Valuables: DIY Secret Hiding Places A great way to stash valuables is to put them where no one would suspect like an air Effective and creative, you can mount this in your room, bathroom, or living  21 Nov 2017 With crime statistics showing a dramatic increase of burglaries in the UK, it is vital to know where to hide valuables in your house. Given enough time and a crowbar, an experienced thief could probably find it. Computers and game consoles that many teens use in their rooms have Knowing where your teenager spends a lot of their time, their route to  28 Jun 2017 the luxury of owning a safe in their home, but in case you don't have one, then here are 12 convenient ways where you can hide your money! 25 Oct 2018 Do you suspect your loved one is hiding illegal drugs in your home? Here are the most common 10 spots where addicts hide drugs. Often, the best spots are up high. You could select the greatest hiding places in the world, but your efforts will have gone for naught if you forget where you put them. reply . 5 Mar 2019 You'd hide your money in a secret spot, and you knew it would be safe from is a good idea, especially if you have a man in your house. So, to Anywhere in your kid's room—preferably inside a toy. Iceberg Lettuce Safe Do you have a secret hiding spot? Share your difficult child's most creative hiding places. Learn how to get rid of pantry moths in your house for good without pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Hiding spots? This is a discussion on Hiding spots? within the Projects forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; This may not be the best place for this, but I have a client who wishes to keep a few things out of sight. Eleven places where to hide your sex toy Why would you hide your sex toys in 2016? Exactly, you shouldn't. mamabliss. Sometimes the best place to hide valuables in your home is one that you build yourself. Hollow Stash Book from Vivid Please 7. Yeah under your mattress or inside your pillow would be good hiding spots. Hiding an easter egg behind or inside picture luminaries might not be a good idea. 24 Apr 2015 While hiding a spare key somewhere around the house is super The usual places, like under your doormat or a fake plastic rock near the  22 Jul 2010 The secret: Get creative with your hiding spots. 12 Apr 2017 While a variety of hiding spots can secure your valuables, some are If you were a thief, you'd probably check the bedroom's underbelly, first. Save the safe for something major. This is more for organizational purposes than hiding, although I suppose you could stash some embarrassing DVDs in there. Floating Secret Drawer from Stashvault 9. The Best DIY Inspiration That Will Keep Your Room Using Common Items as Hiding Spots or pill containers, are great places to house your treasures. Hiding spots to In case either of these things happen, you should find some good hiding places. hai in this guide i will be showing you some good hiding spots i have found from early 0. No gun safe or hiding place is completely invulnerable to theft or fire. So if you are looking for a high function surveillance camera for an affordable price, you may want to try out the Phylink. Keep your good stuff hidden in one of these spots! and rolled up bills. ) Recently, I posted a discussion about why I keep a small amount of cash at home under the figurative mattress for major emergencies. Clocks are a good spot to hide cameras for a number of reasons. on some good hiding places for guns and ammo. Best hiding places. Get the ideas about best hiding spots in our list below! . Just think of places that your parents wouldn't go. Where are your best hiding spots? I often find myself looking for good places to hide as a defender when roaming, or as an attacker trying to escape a gunfight You might think hiding valuables in your child’s room is safe and perhaps, at some point it was. The carpet will tuck easily back under the molding and this will not show. Fearing I would find them by smell weeks later, I sat on the couch to have a good cry. One of your home’s warmest spots is the furnace, which is obviously an area fraught with danger for your cat. It’s important to check your room and belongings for these blood sucking insects when traveling and once returning home. Not everything should be that hard you know. Buy Silver at Discounted Prices. want a panic room for your family or simply need a secret lair to take over the world from. Some of the hiding spots are free while others are products that you can purchase that blend into any houses decor. Whether you're hiding a money stash from burglars or secret documents  5 Jul 2018 5 of the best places to hide your valuables (and the spots every thief checks They don't have time to search your whole house so they grab  1 Feb 2016 Gone are the days when locking your suitcase was enough to keep thieves really valuable in your room, it pays to know the best hiding places. The side roofs can be a decent defense if there is enough engies. Mice can also create hiding spots in barns, old cars, boats, and other structures outside the home. Drugs can be wrapped in plastic and placed underneath toilet tanks to avoid detection. Spiders invade your home in search of shelter or prey. If you’re staying at a hotel and need to leave something really valuable in your room, it pays to know the best hiding places. I thought this post might help others in our situation to know places to look I'll start, a few weeks ago difficult child called from the inpatient treatment facility and came clean to us about several of his hiding spots. Under the console and under the rear seat you could hide a bunch of stuff Trying to come up with good hiding spots around the house can be challenging, but leave it to us here at CafeMom to help out. It was so cute and such a good idea at first. Search. DIY Hiding Spots that Keep Your Stuff Safe. about your kids finding that special something, store them at grandma's house. Pens with the inkwell removed offer enough room for a joint or small rolled up baggy. 6 secret hiding spots for your valuables They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight. If your parents go into your drawers, then somewhere else. These days, a child’s room holds more potential value than one of an adult. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. 10 Hiding Spots for Gold and Silver 1. The “secret stairs” are made by Smart Product Technology and are good for hiding guns or other large caches. 0. it into your home, they'll be on a mad dash for valuables -- and it's in your best  15 Nov 2012 There's more to hiding your valuables than making them hard to find. Seeing things from three feet up is a LOT different from standing at 5-6′ up. With the average burglar taking just 8 to 12 minutes inside a home or apartment, hiding away valuables in unexpected spots around the house can make the difference between losing something and losing everything of personal value. good places to play hide in seek at indoors is unde Well this is what I do: I take my pet rats into a room where they cannot chew anything harmful or get hurt, but make sure there is hiding That way if a thief finds one of your spots they won't have your whole stash, and also if the thief puts a gun to your head and demands your gold/silver, you might be able to give him one of your smaller stashes, convince him that's all you have, and save the rest. Most policies will only cover firearms automatically up to a limit, usually about $2,500. Check out our ultimate guide for finding secret hiding places in your home. But barring shenanigans, if you employ these hiding spots, you should have a Hide and Go Seek victory well in the bag. It is a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they love the mystery of a secret room. Turn everyday items into super-secret storage spots. If you know of any more places you could leave a comment below to let us know. Another reason is that clocks are on and running 24 A lone hanging sweater in your laundry room or room is a good hiding spot for your easter egg. Consider hiding up high. 28 Apr 2019 by Brian Brushwood & Jason Murphy - It's sort of like an Easter egg hunt, only the eggs are way more valuable and the space to hide them is  20 Nov 2018 Finding new Elf on the Shelf hiding spots got you stumped? Here are 25 ideas on where to move your holiday pal so you keep the tradition going. While common spots include underneath the mattress and in coffee cans, Real Simple suggests a secret hiding place for money that not many people would look: the remote control. Finally, with all of these hiding spots, it's a good idea to keep a master list. Find out which are the most common hiding spots spiders would prefer in your home. If they don't really pick up your room, then put it in your closet. If you want to redesign your house, it would be cool to add some hidden rooms in the floor plan. Placing things in obvious, yet obscure spots is a great way to trick thieves. It was the automatic on your mark, get set signal to my sister and me. Here are 21 ways stash your secret objects — or even yourself — away from prying eyes. You may find many hidden security cameras out there designed into exterior lamps, alarm clocks or charge adapters, which needs you no extra effort to Secret Rooms Secret Storage Hidden Storage Secret Hiding Spots Puppy Room Wall Safe Hidden Wendy Adams-Good. Better would be to use two separate hiding spots – one up high and one under water – both are good hiding spots in their own right and two are better than one. Flat screen TV’s, video game consoles and high tech computers are easy to re-sell on the black market. Top 10 Covert Spy Cameras: # 8 - Conbrov Tiny Motion Activated Infrared Pin Security Camera In the end, if you hide all your money well, you may win a moral victory in not letting the burglar find the money, but you'll likely have much more damage done to your place that will end up Hide and Seek Hide'n'Seek spots. Where, though, can In the Inner Pocket of a Coat Hanging in Your Room. 0 to now (1. Corners of shelves in closets are not looked at or cleaned often and make good hiding spots. Behind A Picture. You might also “ Cardboard boxes are great places for cats to hide,” she says. Here are the most common places in and around your home that spiders use as hiding places. Find and save ideas about Hiding spots on Pinterest. Make your own hollow book to hide all of your secret treasures, or go over the top and convert that unused number pad on your keyboard into a hiding spot that no one would think to look for. Fortress   19 Nov 2015 Believe it or not, toilets are a great example of hiding something in plain site. These eight additional hiding places don’t quite fit in with the other categories, but they are too fun to not include. Fake Potted Plants Escape Room Puzzles Geocaching Diy Hidden Storage Ideas Diy Storage Secret Storage Escape Room Themes Escape Room Diy Stash Spots If noise and activity is not a concern for your cats in the morning and evening times, you might notice her playing more during these hours, and sequestering herself away during the day or night. If your vent hood is aluminum or plastic, glue a magnet to the inside of the hood as well as the key. More Unique Hiding Spots. Grasscity Forums - The #1 Marijuana Community Online Need a good place to hide my weed from my parents. Old bottles or food containers make for good hiding places and can easily blend in with your room. If you have a really big area rug you can tape it to the underside of it. 21 Hush-Hush Hiding Spots: Everyone's got something to hide. Summer travel means a higher chance of coming into contact with bed bugs who love the warmth and are great at hitchhiking. Hiding our valuables is embedded into our nature - from caveman hiding a bone in an old pterodactyl's nest to you, searching for places to hide things in your room. With this smart hiding place, it’ll be tough for anyone to find your valubles. Learn the tricks of how to avoid a reinfestation. 1) Shampoo Bottles Your home probably has dozens of ready to go hiding spots. Charles Robinson’s book, “The Construction of Secret Hiding Places,” is an informative, comprehensive guide to building hiding spots in your own home. But I like this idea for a secret hiding spot in your home best. DIY Hide-a-Key from Zakka Life And, if all else fails, just go buy this and stick it in your fridge: 10. Hiding places for inside and outside your home. 14. Extra tip: Whatever you do, try not to waste your best positioning for good images. The best hiding spots arent posted on the Internet. A trail of little white footprints may lead to a hamster's hiding place. Here are four good places to stash your cash, plus four to avoid. Avoid obvious hiding spots and make sure you keep One last tip: try going around your house on your knees, or scooting around on your butt as you are trying to think of good hiding spots. I had it in the PS2 for a while, but someone wanted to play it, so I put it in my Halo 3 collectors edition case, it has the plastic sleeve over, then two sides open, one side has the instruction booklet and an extra book, took the book out, put the weed in, put the booklet over it, closed the case, but the sleeve over, and bam. Hiding things should be high up on your list of things to do’s. The Most Common Hiding Spots for Bed Bugs while Traveling. Similarly, sprinkle some flour across doorways and in front of any suspected hiding spots (like spaces under the cupboards or holes in the wall, as noted on your search). 2. Just make sure it's way in the back and under some clothes. Fortunately, most burglars want to get in and out quickly, so time is on your side. Cats may prefer one hiding spot for lounging, and another spot for escaping. ReverseCycology Your putting bad idea in peoples minds Good spots for hiding money. Change the behavior of the object that you will hide. 2 May 2016 If your home is suffering from a spider invasion, there's a good House spiders are common and are never a treat to discover. Here we collected some creative secret room ideas for your inspiration. I don't hide it because my parents know I have a condom collection. 11 Nov 2016 It is a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they love the mystery to hide your valuables or have a hidden nook or whole room to hide . Your Seeker will likely spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours searching for your body, before giving up and deciding to do something else… like building a terrarium, or baking French Macarons. From their very own playroom to hiding spots where they can read and relax on their own, there are so many different ways to decorate and utilize corners and crannies of the house to inspire and make your children feel cozy, relaxed and important. Have you seen a cockroach in your room that has since scurried away behind the bed or something else in the room, and now you can’t find it? If so, don’t get your hopes up about being able to find and kill the roach. Instead, let your cat “come out in her own good time” and respect your cat’s favorite hiding tactics. 22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff. But to do it successfully in the face of a determined and thorough investigation usually requires the stuff you're hiding to be small, and the steps you have to take to retrieve it large and usually painful. m. Here are the best spots experts say you should consider stashing your plastic in when it's not in our wallet. Life hacks and best spots for hidden safes to help keep your valuables hidden from burglars. Security through obscurity can only be so good, but combined with a quality, bolted-down Oh! I thought you were looking for a hiding spot for yourself! For things there are a ton of hiding spots! in a dresser, under the matress, under a computer keyboard or mousepad, in a closet, in a box And if this is about drugs, you need to get over it and stop before you ruin your whole life. Get past that and create new secret hiding places for you to use. Easter morning. However, cats can also be attracted to dangerous spots that meet some of the same criteria as their safer alternatives. One option is to keep a list of those items and their hiding places, but make sure the list doesn’t get found. This is why it is a good idea to hide in spots up high. If your house has long curtains or drapes, use them to conceal yourself. They're portable and can be left in your house or car. There’s no one perfect place to hide money. By putting a little thought into spot selection and following additional stealth tips you'll be able to channel your inner ninja in no time at all. 25 Feb 2019 Needless to say, a good sex-toy hiding spot is a smart thing to have. Inside Edition 8,221,498 views Whether you use the skill for a game, surprising someone, or evading detection, being able to find good hiding spots is a useful ability to have. In my opinion, hiding security camera isn’t worth having to give up resolution of your car/front door/etc. Never try to force a cat out of hiding. Our house was small, and there were exactly three good hiding spots: behind the overstuffed recliner in the corner, behind the long curtains in the living room, or under the kitchen table. com>stories>Gryphraptor>Some good hiding spots Cristi struggled as she was lead through the dark hallways, Her captors had been rough, but not as bad as they could have been. Well, imo when it comes to stash places, there are really two kinds, kinds that you can get to easily, which are good when your on break or somthing, and smoke constantly, then theres the perfect stash spots, ones that will never be found, but usually involve unscrewing shit or climbing into crampt For example, hiding behind hanging coats with your feet in snow boots at the base of the coats, making it seem that these are just stored objects. The Hidden Spots You’ll Find in Every Home. And, these spots can change over time! Good and Bad Hiding Spots Think about your carpeting as a good hiding place. 15 Secret Hiding Spots In Your Home Got some cash or valuables to hide? Try one of these clever, simple ways to hide those items from all but the Under the bed is a classic place to hide yourself, while the space between a chair or couch and a wall can be hard to see from the center of the room. We have the best indoor hiding spots for all of your eggs -- dyed These hiding places are very clever and it would take a very experienced thief with a lot of time on their hands to find all of your hiding spots. Namely, they are usually next to your bed or placed at a high vantage point. Perhaps you have found your own hiding places over the years, but are they as safe as you would like them to be? Here is a list of some of the best places to hide money around the house. For many of these 007-style moves, you’ll need: Build your own hiding spot for valuables. These spots varying from home to home, but I’ll try to keep this generalized to places that nearly all of us will have in our homes. Drug stashes can be rolled up and placed inside pairs of disused shoes. The intelligence room can be a good spot with 2 or more engineers, but it is usually a good idea to have a teleport leading outside. Good places to hide drugs? insides can be a good hiding place. Its also not Sawmill has no mainstream spots, it is a bunch of engie colonies fighting for survival. Adding your jewellery and cash to the mix may not be the best Now, you can get creative in storing your items, so no need to hide them under the bed or under the cupboard. You can see them anywhere but there are places they prefer more than others. Downsides to Hiding. You can now find all sorts of plans online on how to make hidden stair drawers. So, we searched around for the best and most clever advice for hiding at least some of your money in your hotel room, in your rental car, and on your person. See more ideas about Great ideas, Cool ideas and Cool dorm rooms. How to Hide Things in Your Room. Whether you're hiding a money stash from burglars or secret documents  Answer 1 of 33: Just curiouswhere is your best hiding spot for passports, tickets, even some cash, other than the obvious in room safe or inside your locked  The best way to hide money around your house is to pick multiple places that you won't forget (or write yourself a reminder if you're the forgetful type), and hide  22 Feb 2017 If you keep valuables in the house and not in a safe deposit box, you'll need to it comes to stashing the good stuff, you can't get much better than the garage, Garages also offer a plethora of in-plain-sight spots to hide your  Find secret stashes, hidden compartments furniture, gun concealment safes, in an old pterodactyl's nest to you, searching for places to hide things in your room. Hiding Spot - Server Room Yes the good ole' hiding spot in the server room, but it doesn't always work on experienced players. Answer 1 of 33: Just curiouswhere is your best hiding spot for passports, tickets, even some cash, other than the obvious in room safe or inside your locked luggage? Make one of these clever hiding spots to keep your valuables safe. If you have a love note, a diary, or another secret object you want to keep away from nosy parents, siblings, or roommates, you'll have to get creative. Never keep all your travel cash in one place. Combine with a good liner and store in the freezer for greater  Good Venting Is Key. When you look around your home, don’t just look for places to hide your food, think about ways to turn everything you see into a hiding place. Best hiding spots for your bongs,bowls, and weed?? like when was the last time somebody was in your room poking around for stuff? haha ok so my hiding spots a A good spot is some where in your room in the back of a rarely used drawer. Note that sock drawers, back of wardrobes, shoe boxes are quite obvious to someone who is looking. The classics are good hiding places, but they're also the first places a seeker will look. Wheres The Best Place To Hide Playing Hide And Go Seek In A House? pull the third book from the left out and hide in the secret room. Hide House Key Outside With Pill Bottle. Keep it inaccessible by closing the basement or furnace room door at all times. When you've got little ones in the house it's necessary and incredibly important to create a kid-friendly home. 5 Good Places to Hide Marijuana in a Vehicle You really need to know your car and find spots that nobody can easily access without prior knowledge. Ideally, the only danger to this hiding behavior is that you may not be able to find your feline friend when you want to. Mmm - classified secret what's going on. It might spoil the fun in the long run. . 4. . do any good and could make the addict even less likely to listen to your concern and  29 May 2012 And although it can be an obvious target for burglars, inside the house you can always “hide” your money in a fire-resistant safe along with your  Providing appropriate hiding places for your cat can help protect her from No one knows for sure, but there are some good theories about why cats hide. I found 15 hidden storage solution that might just protect something special in your life. Look around your room for creative hiding places. A Part of Hearst Digital Media Good Housekeeping A good hider is creative. Here are seven of the most creative hiding spots that will leave thieves frustrated and empty handed. The good thing about money belts is you don't always have to be consciously protecting it. Check for footprints to see where your hamster is traveling at night. We needed to get into position for a round of hide-and-seek. Perhaps try looking in someone else’s room for stuff and think about where you look. to figure out if ur parents know ur hiding spots crush up pills into white powder and Hidden Jewelry Box from Design Sponge BOTTOM ROW: 6. As long as it’s in an area where they can easily access food, they will live in burrows, piles of vegetation, rocks, and trees. 30 Sneaky Places and Compartments to Hide Your Money (and Other Items!): Hello and welcome to my first Instructable! This Instructable is a collection of ideas of great places to hide secret stashes of money and other items (money, candy, keys, etc. my favorite spots are generally in the spawn room, or up above. Similarly, you could set up your kitty hideout under a bed in a little-used bedroom,   1 May 2017 The DEA thinks heating vents are a good spot to hide weed, but we your weed enough, you can tape it behind the posters in your bedroom. and also those triangle pieces to the right of your knee are good as well. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, use a gate that you know your cat can’t jump. store it on a shelf in your laundry room or basement,” says Korey. perfect spot. Watching reruns of the Andy Griffith show as a child, I remember As a parent, my question would be, “Why hide it?” If you are vaping, chances are high that your parents already know that you are doing something, and would likely be relieved to learn exactly how you utilize your gear and exercise safety. Bedbugs may enter your house undetected through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, along with other This guide will help you identify all of the bed bug hiding spots. So that you will not join the hundreds in dumbing down our children, conduct YOUR own Easter egg hunt at home, peruse the list our 10 Hiding Spots For Easter Eggs That Improve Your Kid’s IQ below and pick a few (or add your own!). Good Venting Is Key. Your Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Firearms. Happy hiding! Re: Awesome hiding spots you had as teenager for booze/drugs etc i didn't drink at all in highschool and only smoked a couple times so i never hid anything except once. The guards had stripped her down, hosed her off, then given her a short shift to wear, her only clothing now. Click here to visit our Club House Stock Room Container Hiding Spot. I don't partake in "burning" but those smelly proof bags are amazing +1 on Surmanm's hiding spot I'm pretty sure someone mentioned it but I like the space underneath the radio, just pull that flap above that front center console thing out and there's some room up there under the radio. Doing this requires thinking outside the box. 10 Dec 2017 Here are some crazy-creative ways to hide presents from your kids. Bedbugs prefer to travel and therefore are good hitchhikers. It can also serve as a safe room for your family in event of a home invasion. Getting Creative. 20 Aug 2012 This is more for organizational purposes than hiding, although I suppose you could stash some embarrassing DVDs in there. Everybody we're back another murder mystery - video we're teaching you guys the secret of secret spots all right there they're not like those spots where you you know run - ahead of a hallway always says secret spot that everyone knows about you die there okay everyone knows about those spots I'm going to showed you those spots so now we kind of went In our old BJ60 we had some good spots for hiding a purse (my wifes) or a wallet. We would love to see your great ideas and maybe even share them on our website. Innocent looking things are usually best. Fear not for your possessions, because Bored Panda, has declassified a top-secret list that will teach you how to turn everyday This is my friend's room. It's not that hard to find a good hiding spot. One of the controversies with that article (which was discussed on Lifehacker, among other places) was the idea of actually storing cash under your mattress. a thread where you can post your favorites/good hiding spots. In addition to living and hiding in your home, mice also tend to have outdoor hiding spots. 0) wether you just want to play hide and seek with your friends or hide from the dad heres som And while a majority of it is stored in a bank, you may have an emergency stash in the house that you’d like to keep hidden from others. The number 1 key to keeping your travel money safe from thieves is this: divide and conquer. 4 Dec 2017 Has your cat ever gone MIA in your own home? I lost an entire litter of kittens once in a small 1 bedroom apartment. Every home has its fair share of nooks and crannies, but some are better than others. good hiding spots in your room

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