Remembering the First, a Second Time

face when the first rope of hot cum shot from the tip. Billy quickly clamped his mouth down around the shaft and I pumped stream after stream of cum down his hungry throat. It felt like I was cumming from my toes. He moaned in pleasure keeping his mouth clamped around the shaft as my cum subsided."That was fucking great. Taste exactly the same,"

The babysitter teaches us about sex Part 4

shaking as her ass refused to release my dick. She was still moaning loudly, “MMMMMMMM I CAN’TTTTT BEELIEVEEEE THISSSS, THISSSS FEEELLLSSSS SOOOO GOOODDDDD.”I felt Darren’s dick jump up and relax against my dick. My sister moaned more, “I can feel him cumming in me, oh god yes fill up my pussy MMMMMM.” My sister’s ass finally began to relax a

Alien Son Ch. 2

I told you I could give you some information about how to succeed with women," he said. "Don't worry, I'm not going to marry her."At the Santa Barbara airport we put my luggage into dad's Ford Expedition, then took off for the "ranch," about a half-hour drive north of the city. When I saw the house, I thought it looked more like a Mediterranean

A Woman and her Lover have a Threesome

lacy bra, black thong, black garter, tan hold up stockings, and heels. She looked really beautiful. She was 5’5” and weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. She was a red head and had the most amazing green eyes. Her skin was creamy white and she had big beautiful breasts. She was much bigger than me. I think she had a 38 D cup size. She had

Dave finds his sole mate in the last place he would have thought

my cock slapping against my stomach, she hugged Kerry telling her she wasn’t old enough, we looked at each other in shock when she said “But Joanne is 10 and her daddy’s put his prick in her cunt” Kristine and I talked to her for about half an hour telling her how wrong it was and her friends daddy would be in a lot of trouble if anyone found

Magical Hearts chapter 9

serve no King, accepting no Kings rule they would come to any kingdom, which allow them to buy, sale, or is easy enough in the capture of slaves. The only good part, they also are under no Kings protection, no threat of war for destroying them. In the map room we looked at the maps closely, it is remarkable how poor our maps truly are, several

Attorney Cum Laude

laughed boisterously, egging me on to ‘show my stuff.’ But I have never been an exhibitionist and always considered my body sanctified. Larissa however was clad only in her matching white bra and panties. Her plump, pink, puffy areolas were now clearly visible through the material. It had become transparent from the water sprayed on her by the

Changing Spaces - Exploiting Amy Lynn Ch. 02

girl. It's only her first night.""O.K., but maybe she'd enjoy the story." I explained how the girl Laura had been used in much the same manner as Amy Lynn. We had first violated her at home, then clad her in an indecent shirt with foul promises written on it. She was chained, thrown a long coat over her and taken to an s/m club. We had chained

Lucy the Switch - The First Weekend

rush of blood to my face.I had to force myself to breathe deeply a few times before I could stand up and gather my things, and then go down the steps of the train and walk along the platform towards the big entrance doors. I took a minute to do a quick check with my phone's front-facing camera, to make sure my hair looked good, and that my

The PTA Meeting

forgotten to cross her legs, as she often did during long conversations, exposing the pretty lace panties she usually wore. When the meeting was finally over, and the punch and cake laid out, she sought Emma out. She hadn't spoken to her since they had both left High School a little over a year and a half ago. Christine had been married first,

A little lunchtime drink

lubrication for what I have planned.She sucks hungrily on my cock taking me deeper and deeper getting more and more vigorous as the guy now pleasuring himself in her pussy fucks her faster and harder, getting more desperate with every stroke, until he joins the others and fires his hot sticky load into her. Slowly he relaxes allowing his cock to

Boy's First Time: Chapter 1

I started to become attracted to my friend. Never having these feelings before for another guy, I was extremely conflicted. He was an extremely good-looking kid, pretty big but not quite fat. He was rather muscular and several inches taller than me. I was a 5’8, 130 pound skinny kid of average build. We both had blonde hair, mine somewhat lighter

The Promise

eighteen years old and this is my first story. (Be warned, there is a bit of background, but my story will eventually get to the ‘good stuff’) I would like to share with you the day I lost my virginity. I want you to feel like you were there with us. I want to feel your eyes on my body as you read my story. Ron was his name, he and I were

2 on 1

perpetually unsnapped, but after all, she did run three miles a day. Most days. And yeah, it was more like a slow plod. But hey, she tried. What more could a Jersey girl do? Ranger was systematically pulling vegetables and candy bars from the bags when he came up with a nondescript blue plastic bag, filled to the brim. ‘Oh, shit. Give me that!’

Watching Anna

we know how we would feel if certain situations were to happen. Yet how many of us end up in places we never thought we would go? This story is a true event that happened several years ago. If you told me it was going to happen when I married Anna then I wouldn’t be sat here typing this. This story may not seem original but that’s because it

Dreams Without Guilt or Shame: the CHALLENGE

dont you Peggy Sue? She was too immersed in hypnotic erotic feelings to answer. He raised himself to suck and lick the delicious soft flesh from the sides and undersides. He left for last the very pointy nubs that were perked up. He sucked and nibbled there with the ardor of a very hungry immensely overgrown male baby. He felt the young lithe

A Different Kind of Dance

inside my pussy. Later, while we were lying naked together, I had grabbed his hand and pressed it between my legs, whimpering in need. He'd reacted instantly, whipping my arm behind my back and then rolling on top of me. His other big hand closed lightly around my throat as his weight crushed me and he stared down into my shocked face. "I can't

Neighbors Ch. 04

from the confining jeans as he tossed them, with his new briefs, beside the bed. He set the paddle on Kat's lower back as he removed his shirt. 'The clerk was a sweet young lady. She helped me a lot, even saying that she had one of these paddles.''I've met a few of the girls there Sir.' Kat said, reaching for her pillow and tucking it under her

Ari Anaconda

heavyweight title against yet another male challenger. It was her third year in a row since entering the ring that she had begun these competitions and the third year in a row that she had decimated her competition, tearing through like a power house, leaving her challenger practically crying like a child on the mat. He was now with his coach

Fat and Ugly, but Wicked Smart

skip a beat and we danced that night and for the next thirty years, we never stopped dancing together. We attended our 30th high school reunion a few months ago. Those beautiful blonde cheerleaders are now as fat as they are ugly and angry. My wife, the love of my life, who went on from Wellesley College to graduate medical school and law school

Equal Shares Ch. 17

hand left the side of her face as he repositioned himself. Anne, knowing where he was going, spread herself open for him as she felt him move between her legs, now raining kisses on her mound. Once more she felt a finger dip inside her before trailing moisture upwards. Finally she felt his mouth between her legs, kissing and sucking the top of

Against the Odds Ch. 05

is was, all waiting for him. She looked so lovely. He began by hitting top in romantic voice: ‘You look so adorable, it seems a crime to touch any exquisite part I see paraded before me.’ ‘If you don’t touch something right now I chop something off with an axe – my body is screaming for it.’ ‘Here take this,’ Troy said manfully, placing his pride

The Family Part 2

then saids, "So were you and Helen planning to have sex? " She is looking straight at my boner while is saying itI reply, um yes, um we were, is that a problem for you,? No, you two are old enough to make your she is speaking, I can see her legs slowly spread apart, as my chair is a fair way back from the table, and I can see

Power of suggestion

I begged for his fingers back inside me. It didn’t take much begging as he did and I came, again, on his fingers. Licking my cum, again, he leaned down to kiss me. Kissing after eating each other’s cum was always a turn on for me and I think got wetter as he leaned down to kiss me. When our tongues finished with each other, he plopped down beside

A New Day, A New You part 12

raising my voice,” Do not kill him! She was very fucking specific on the NO KILLING part!” “Yes I remember what the client requested,” Ben answers remaining much calmer than he should. “Then pack your shit and get the fuck off the job site since you can’t follow a simple instruction to NOT KILL someone,” I yell at him and he doesn’t flinch. “No,

Waiting for a girl like Laura

came up and there waiting for us was the husband of the woman who I’d seen wanking Harry.“Oh, there you are Laura, thank god I’ve found you.’’ Stan seemed too concerned to notice I’d quickly removed my hand from Laura’s waist. “We went out into the car park for a fag and Harry had a nasty turn. You need to look after him, love. Come on.’’Laura

Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 06

rumblings of a volcano about to explode into life. I would have expected that the heat within the tunnel system to have been much greater if indeed it was an active volcano. The one fact that I’d noted since being inside the tunnel was that the temperature seemed to be steady. Admittedly, there was a decent breeze moving through the main tunnel,

Taste like candy, Andy – Part one

sized and they shared a bathroom, kitchen and living space. I moved in the first week I worked there, for convenience and all that. There were strategically placed artwork hanging on the back wall, pictures of naked people, silhouettes and abstract sex pictures. Nine times out of ten, Andy would show them to a girl to get some head. But if it

The Unexpected Christmas Present

for their guy to go downtown, most times I could hardly wait to lick Janet's pussy. I enjoyed it so much, that I would lick slowly, up and down both sides of her pussy lips so I could make the pleasure last. After each of her orgasms, only soft licks or nuzzles would come close to her clitoris until she was ready to be taken to that point of no

Getting There

down to her pink panties that clung tight to her ass and a white teddy bear t-shirt, then she leaped into her bed as the room filled with darkness."Nika!! Nika!!""What mum?”"You’re late for school."Nika stared at the clock, still tired, but ran for her clothes immediately. She cleaned herself up, including a good rub on her naked pussy in the

Boy, Conquered

pen.He waited there in the heat and glare of the sun for the rest of the afternoon, before someone came to fetch him on behalf of his new Mistress. A grimly scowling middle aged woman, stick thin, holding the slim crop so beloved of Gorran bodyguards led him, still naked, brusquely to a waiting carriage which carried them through the bustling


Master had said I was, submitting to a slave, becoming his lover under the gaze of Master and Mistress, and obviously in time to come, others. For the moment I pretended I no longer cared what happened to me, as long as Master still loved and wanted me forever. I automatically fucked Ben back, using my cunt to pleasure him, playing the slut I had

Rachel: Fire & Innocence- Pt.3 – Toys R Us

felt like a gangly newborn colt trying to run with a thoroughbred. Rachel suggested we take a shower together in the main bathroom, so we got up and almost trotted down the hall, hand in hand. I felt like pinching myself to see if this was all for real, but I was afraid I might be dreaming, and if that was the case, I didn’t want to wake up. We

Felicity Ch. 54

then he slid back down to her pussy and repeated the process. As he fucked her the second time he increased the speed and force of his strokes until she began to have a train of cums. He kissed her hard and filled her pussy with his ejaculate. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and gave him the most love filled kiss of their life. He slid

Playtime Stories Ch 13 – Unbelievable Motel Reward

a white girl suck a black cock on the porn channel. The phone rang. Bo was on the phone. “Hi, I ah, saw you leave and it really turned me on watching you strut out to your car. You looked really hot.” I thanked him and asked what it was that he needed. He seemed to want to ask me about how my evening had gone but without really asking the

The Queen

carved bridge that led to the entrance to the chocolate castle. A young female guard in a leather bra and panty set came out to greet me. She had a paddle strapped to her side and a set of furry handcuffs on her leather belt."Halt. Don't go any further." She instructed, "What brings you here?""I need to see the Queen of Sex Fantasy Land." I

Basement Fun Room Pt. 01

beads dangling from her puckered asshole. I took the time to play with her tits, keeping her nipples hard and tender. I stood next to her and removed my pants exposing my cock. Nica's eyes lit up at the sight of my erect cock, normally she would grasp the shaft, almost being able to close her hand around the circumference. She could use both

Finding Happiness Ch. 11

hard to think about. Part of me wants to be held and feel safe, but part of me feels so ugly. I have a lot of scars, he did cut my face, neck and breasts as well as the cutting he did on my vagina. Junie, I am sorry if this freaks you out, it kind of freaks me out too when I let myself think about it. But it is hard to imagine that anyone would

Our First Meeting

fill up my hole as he pisses in me. He's talked about this before but I never knew it would turn me on so much. My pussy gets even wetter as I think about what I know Matt will do next. He stops peeing and pulls out of my ass, I feel him pull apart my cheeks and then I feel his tongue in my ass, slurping at his piss as he drinks it. Knowing what

A Woman's Desire

piece of fuck meat for men to use. Men I had never even met!Looking at my schedule I saw that I had at least week off from my job and school soon, so I emailed Sir with my availability. He said very good it worked for him and his 5 friends.5 friends +him! OMGIt wasn't very far off in time. 2 weeks! Could I last?When the time came, I packed a few

Unnamed - Act 4, Scene 6

I-"She whirls, crop raised, making him cringe. He steps back, nearly falling over a sleepy-eyed old man in a faded guard's uniform. Thinking quickly she preempts him as well. "Public performance art. It's protected by the first ammendment.""That's as maybe," he drawls, "But I don't think the young lady's enjoying herself there.""Of course she

Blackmailed By My Teenaged Daughter

saw part of one of my father's VCR movies and the girl in it made the guy hard by putting his thing in her mouth." Someone said "Put it in your mouth Lisa." Lisa come over and took it in her hand and put her lips to it and put just the tip in her mouth. She backed off quickly. I think she was surprised by the taste. I am sure that it had sweat

A Week of Control

her towards the spare bedroom. “Well first,” I whisper into her ear as she starts to walk inside the room, “is that we have to get you changed into something a little more comfortable,” I finish whispering to her. I give her a slight kiss on the ear before letting go of her and walking out of the room without her.I shut the door on my out and

Homelands Pt 2 Ch 01

looked best from the neck up, it was the exact opposite for my mother. Her waist was a few inches wider than my cousin's, yet her figure put the queen's to shame. Curves like that just weren't found on women that were otherwise so thin. And, unlike the queen, she wore an outfit that made sure that you'd notice precisely that. Her full thighs were

Private Tennis Lessons

lips with my fingers and dipped just the tips of my fingers into the edge of her wet velvety box. I pressed there, just inside the edge of the opening, teasing in and out from the swollen, wet inner walls to the puffy, outer lips, wiggling my fingers just enough for her to feel the motion. Her body was on fire and aching for my cock. She needed

The Alpha bet Ch. 03

gonna find a way, to make him pay.’ he was bitter. ‘I don’t know son, I don’t think that’s a good idea.’ she was anxious. ‘Look mom, I’m a grown man now and I demand to know my family, as screwed up as it may be. For God’s sake, I’ve always thought my father was dead, but now he may be alive and even though he’s a sanctimonious bastard, I want

The School. Part Four.

fucks each between us. It was good. Good because we had both been with Ralph and put what we’d learnt to good use. Ann had been paired with Leslie and during their mutual session, Ann had explained her position to her as she had to Carol and Kathy. After dinner, Ann sat with Leslie in the bar while I had another long talk with Peter. This time I

The Laptop: Part Three

a daydream, he was startled when he heard his phone beep behind him.  He looked down and noticed she was looking up at his window with her phone in hand.  Risking her seeing movement in his window, he stealthily backed away and grabbed his phone. Sure enough, it was a message from her.If you're still up could you come down and help me put some


first spurt you shoot into my mouth. The rest is sprayed all over me. Everyone can see it. Then you ask the girl if she wants her pussy eaten. She says yes so you order me, your slut, to do so. I begin to and she grinds her pussy against my face, getting juices all over me. You hold my head in place as I eat her out. I suck on her clit and my

Fucked on the side of the Highway

so close.’ ‘Not just yet Emily.’ He cooed as he pulled out of me. ‘What are you doing?’ I said as I saw him get out of the car. ‘Come out here if you want to cum, slut.’ He said standing at the back of the car. I was afraid, but nevertheless walked outside and stood beside him. He grabbed my hair again and leaned me over the trunk of the car.

Curious Casey Plays in the Snow

pulling repeatedly, bobbing her head back and forth desperately trying to free herself. There was no use. Casey’s tongue was frozen to the pole. She began to panic more and more as she felt the stinging on the tip of her tongue growing worse and worse. Casey stomped her feet in frustration. She didn’t want to make too much noise and attract

My Aunt dominates me Part II

right. I would of let you go after one time but now that I had to wait im gonna make you make it up to me. She then kisses my neck. She says o wait I forgot she gets off me and runs into the next room then comes running back out with a camera and a tripod and points it am me and says damn I cant believe I almost forgot. She then walks back over

Costume Drama Part 1

to keep a low profile. This had been unsuccessful as his boyish good looks and strong powerful physique had attracted many admiring glances from the women who passed him, and he sensed they were plotting to involve him in their wicked games. They huddled together whispering and giggling. He had decided to excuse himself to the bathroom to hide

Fashionably Late (For My Funeral) Pt. 05

to treat the wounded with what little equipment was available to them until the paramedics arrived, while the spectators got in the way. I decided that I form a third group of one, and get the hell away from the scene, after all if the person or persons that planted the bomb in the car saw me hanging around he or they would know that the mission

My First Oral

of age, I had never masturbated, given head or been given head. I grew up with the strictest parents and the male anatomy was one area I feared to tread.After a lonely first week in college, I met a very handsome young man called Ty. He had hazel brown eyes guarded by bushy eyebrows. His lips were full and succulent and he had a toned and sexy

Hotel Bang Part 3 final part

it in to her red raw boobs. “now get my bag there’s something you might like to see” Over the years we must have tried every sex toy you can buy. Dildos, vibrators, love balls they’d all been up her pussy one time or another. The one she got out of her bag now blew all the others out of the water. “you’ll never get that up your cunt” said a

Relaxing Libeth

again, enjoying your sweet taste. I love the taste of your pussy. Then, suddenly, I suck your clit between my lips, running the tip of my tongue over it, sending you over the edge into a frenzied orgasm. After you recover, I kiss your clit again, wickedly run my tongue over it once more making you shudder, and kiss my way back up to your lips.

Foster Daddy for my Birthday

you doing? he asked a little startled and confused. I wanted to thank you for making my birthday special&hellip,I started to pull out his dick from his boxers. Wait, we cant do this. Clifford seemed to have his eyes popping out of his head as I stroked his cock which was already big but now getting bigger and harder with every stroke. Its ok

Sex with a Stranger Pt 2 – In My Room, Well Just I

didn’t say a word, she knew what to do. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. Her tongue kept flicking her hot lips, I couldn’t wait to feel that hot tongue on my cock. She pulled my big thick cock out of my pants, her eyes got huge. I could tell she liked what she saw. I looked in the pretty face and said ‘suck it my pretty slut’ and she

Roof top

you trying to look at my fucking tits arnt you” Abdul said “sorry” and got another slap from Mandy, then a voiced boomed out yelling what are you doing , it was Mandy’s very strict mum, who marched over to Mandy slapped and said ” I told you not to leave the flat I will teach you to disobey me” Mandy cowered away saying ” I’m sorry mum” her mum

Lured into Domination Pt. 06

chest, making me make out with her as she sexually assaulted my cock n balls. I started counting down the seconds until I wouldn't be able to hold the orgasm back. Even as spent as I was, they were still managing to milk more cum from me. I begged her to get off, I couldn't last much longer..."you better not cum in me or ur gonna get it so

She Asked For It

getting higher and higher. Her pleasure became so strong that she could no longer offer any more sound.Rhett smiled through his panting and felt his cock twitch. "I'm coming Anna! Oh, baby, I'm gonna come in your pussy," he gasped as ropes of cum poured into her womb. As shot after shot of cum shot from his tip, Anna's cunt spasmed out of control

Healing Matt Ch. 05

part of me. That sent me over the edge. Hearing him wailing my name in my ear as his cum filled me up was more than I could take. I came again, just as hard as before. Whispering his name over and over, grasping at his shoulders with my hands. He took my lips and snaked his tongue inside, growling into my mouth. Dazed, I fell against his chest


craigslist. Dawn’s ad caught my eye and brought us into contact, but it was her fun and erotic emails that grabbed my attention. Dawn: ‘I miss kissing. Would you take me to dinner and kiss me?’ Me: ‘On a first date? Only if you eat all your vegetables. lol.’ The first time we met we had dinner together. We talked and laughed throughout. Those

Much Needed Vacation

adequate kitchen, a large bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. It is perfect. I gather my things from the car and start putting them away when I hear a knock on the door. I go to answer it and am amazed at the sight when I see the man standing on the other side. “He has to be almost 7 ft. tall,” I think to myself, and obviously nothing but

Maker Girl Ch. 01

of the steep hill and started west, toward the skyline trail, still shrouded in fog. ‘You are smart, why didn’t you go for a PhD?’ ‘My dad is a geophysicist with an undergrad engineering degree. Told me engineering PhD’s, with a few exceptions, are wimps who don’t know how to get things built like a real engineer does.’ ‘Ouch. The reason I didn’t

My first woman part 2

her fingers from around my shaft and jammed her spit slick middle finger up my ass! She bent it at the knuckle like she was trying to jam it up through the base of my cock and started to move her fingertip around deep inside me! Her thumb and the rest of her fingers started tugging at my nutsac as her middle finger moved inside my ass! This

Paradise Bound Ch. 03

loading up on turkey leftovers. We waddled to the sofa and plopped down on it. The Armed Forces Network was showing It's a Wonderful Life. Every few minutes one or the other of us would shift a little, to get more comfortable. After fidgeting like that for a while, Derrick said, "Get up."As quickly as I could, I stood up. He arranged himself

A sister snuggles up in her brother’s bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations

if I turn on a light this time? I wannasee you when we do it.”“Sure,” I said with a shrug.Then we both spent several minutes going “argh” as thelight blinded us. When our eyes finally adjusted Ichecked out my naked brother and got a good look at thepenis that had taken my virginity. It was about four,maybe four and a half inches long and, like

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 06

think about the events of the past few days. I was living a sexual fantasy that I'd dreamed about for years. I should have been wildly excited about what was happening, but I realized that I wasn't.I pondered this question for the entire day. I finally understood that part of the problem was that I didn't like Dave. It wasn't because he was

My Wife On The Porch: Part Four

Tuesday evening with Robert. She had got my dick hard again when she said to me, “Baby, Robert asked if I am going to be naked when he comes around tomorrow evening?” “Are you?” I asked She replied with, “Of course, but I jokingly teased him by saying that it is not fair that I am the only one who has to strip naked for the whole evening.” He

my beautiful step mom birthday story

tits didnt fall a cm. I looked across the tub to see that Mary Jane and Amber were still wearing theres. I assume Kelly noticed about the same time. Cause she told them come on girls your keeping me from seeing this cock Ive heard so much about. I couldnt believe it when Amber stood up and told Shawn to do the deed it took him all of about a mill

She fell in love with my dick

had just taken off, in the line cloth. in the cloth line, to  discovered traces of vagina juices still fresh, as if she had been  masturbating, or had had an erotic dream during the night,  making her panties wet.  She liked to wear a tight  fine fabric short, so you could guess the big and hairy cunt   thorough her clothes. I stared at her

Ever After: Chapter 6

We had many shared interests despite how we met. Yet, I wasn’t moved to comfort her in her afterglow. Instead, I calmly returned my clothing and waited for her to do the same. Ferah had recovered her dignity by the time the tea had arrived. We drank and made small talk regarding the plants and their care. Night fell and we departed her private

Undercover Ch. 03

– always monitoring her every step and making sure she never did anything out of the ordinary. In fact she had not planned quite as many disasters as she had been involved in. Some of them had just happened due to her nervousness of being watched all the time. She was used to being one in the crowd, wearing her grey coloured clothes and

Hot Therapist Gets Seduced

nipples on my very ample breasts were erect longing for him to wrap his sexy lips around them. I couldn't make eye contact with him at first, because I was so overwhelmed in the excitement of the moment. I took my usual seat, facing him with my legs spread apart, allowing him to inspect every inch and every curve of my body. I glanced down at his

A Professor Extorted

could feel the unyielding flesh of his chest against the ductile girth of her own and her soft inner pink quivered as he whispered soft words hot with anger in her left ear. "A group of men found you and paid you and you spread your legs for them. Do you know what women like that are called?"Madalyn's flesh prickled it was tight with goosebumps.

A Snowy Afternoon

room. Mistress was seated on the sofa with one leg crossed over the other. He sat by her feet, his face inches from the spiked heel of her boot. He glanced up her leg to her crotch, she wasn't wearing any panties. He blushed and obverted his eyes. He hoped Mistress didn't catch him looking. It appeared she didn't. "Pet.""Yes Mistress?" He said

Monique's Needs

that he wasn't talking about Jim's version of "in the back."Mike followed the stripper off toward the back leaving the group to itself for three songs. He returned by way of the bar, this time with a beer bottle rather than some poorly fixed mixed drink. He plopped himself back into his chair with exaggerated relief. The club was beginning to

My Lovely twin.

I can remember I was her protector. Especially whenever there were storms because my sister was afraid of a lot of things, but for some reason she hated wind so much. I never knew why but whenever there was a big storm she would crawl into my bed with me and grab onto me and cried, but that stopped when she was 11. I loved comforting her. It was

The Imposter

man’s prick or to be fucked by one and yet retain their virtue. It was the list of guests that most concerned Sarah’s parents. There was a limited number of seats at Conglingbury Abbey and the question was who should not be invited. Did the Honourable Member for Lower Strickland, whose family’s wealth was built on the proceeds of gambling take


screamed at the top of her lungs.“Fuck! This filthy slut is squirting all over your cock Sir!” She cried out.Her cunt pulled me into her as she forced her juices over my balls. She thrashed and bucked as she came. I couldn't take it anymore. I bellowed as I released a torrent of cum into her pussy. I grunted as each blast filled her womb. Her

A Tale of Two Lovebirds

escorted them to a small table near an arrangement that looked to be holding at least a dozen later in the night. They were seated and had orders for wine and an appetizer placed in. As the wine was tasted and their appetizer delivered, five elderly couples were beginning to make their way around the large set up near our two lovebirds. They soon

Babysitting Kizzy

hips. “Now my privates” she demanded, giving me a stern look. I took the mitt off and handed it to her, taking the opportunity to look at the developing bottom which was firm but starting to spread into a womanly shape. “No silly, you have to do it. It’s very important that I have a real good clean down there. Mummy says so!” “Does mummy

At the Beach

to the beach for a week in the sun, and then going down to fetch them the next Sunday. The early-morning trip would have been a lot easier with earplugs, but Mrs. Prentice, whose daughter Patricia was a beauty, seemed to be used to the clamor. I found their little cottage and they piled out squealing while I unloaded their stuff and was ready to

Wet Dreams

my God, what is happening to me?” When I finally calmed down enough I put my hand on my pussy and found it so very wet. Unbelievable. It was still pulsing from the aftershock of what I had just been through. I sighed, this had never happened to me before. And I liked it...liked it alot!It was really a great feeling, so satisfying, I lay there

My first time with a guy

fucked me long and hard. i moaned as he continued to thrust into me every time harder and harder. i felt his balls stap against my ass. he reached around and jerked me off while he fucked me. i was in heaven . i had orgasm after orgasm with out cumming till in unison we both exploded. we layed their on the bed for a while cuddleing till i decided


and a cock was fucking her pussy. Privacy was not an option. The twenty girls all showed up and about eighty guys too. They had even talked four of the thirteen-year-old girls into participating and they were certainly in demand. I put them all in the same room so that I could keep track of them. Some guys wanted to go twice while other guys

My Wife Maryanne – Ch. 3

that someone, a guy, came in and told me that my wife was fine and not to worry, everything was okay. I drifted in and out for I dont know how long, slept for awhile. At some time Maryanne and someone else helped me into our car, and Maryanne drove us home. The sun was just coming up on New Years day when we were getting out of the car. I dont

Hiking Adventure

in the middle of the trail.We passed another waterfall. After taking pictures, we kept going. This time it was quiet. We didn’t see anyone else. He looked at me. I grinned back. We looked for the perfect place.After seeing only one other person, we stopped at the next waterfall. I set down a blanket and we had lunch, while waiting to see if

Asteroid Patrol: The Replacement

as pleased of me. ‘How long before we reach the ‘Boonies’?’ I asked. ‘Normally, just over a day, she’s not as quick as the newer ships. It’ll be a bit longer this time though.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I want to teach you how to fly her.’ ‘I have a space pilot’s licence you know.’ ‘I know you do, but Juliet needs special handling. She’s an old lady and

6virgins play truth or dare p2

took hold of his cock and stroked it hard for thirty strokes. Then Jason said I dare all of the girls to hold a shower head over their pussy, while us guys stand in front of the body spray heads, hitting our cock, until we all cum as many times as we can stand. Suzi, Melissa and I take a shower head and held its streams on our pussies, as Kevin,

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 18: Kinky Birthday

behind her. But instead of speaking, she just stood there, staring down at me. Can I help you? I asked. She snapped back to reality and opened her mouth. But nothing came out, she had lost her train of thought. That makes me want to drink so much, I thought sarcastically as I waited for her memory to return. Finally, it did. Can I sleep with you?

A Wolf In The Night

you?” There was sadness in his words, a sympathetic pity she wasn’t expecting. He was right. Which was why it hurt all the more, shattering her confidence like a bullet through a cheap pane of glass. She’d be just another dead prostitute, much like her mother, a disposable toy, a spent pussy that gets tossed aside when it loses its luster.

Feedback for Jeb22

lust with just an email. Feel it? That's right. Just feel all that yummy weakness take hold of you as I tell you how to rub your cock for Me.Right now you are feeling what it is like to worship sweetie. Worship the Goddess through Me. Giving in feels too good to stop it from happening doesn't it? A part of your mind might say it's just an email

A Genny Story…. Key West

A Genny Story… Key WestI am Genny.Getting from Lansing, Michigan to Key West, Florida is no easy task. Wehad to fly from Lansing to Detroit. Then from there to Atlanta, and thenon to Miami and then down to Key West. Not an easy day, but if you haveever spent a long Michigan winter you would know it is worth it.

Soft Swing?

Taylor pulled out a bra and pantie set on a little hanger. “I got something for myself too.” On the hanger was a black lacy thong and a small push-up bra set. I couldn’t help but think that it wasn’t going to cover much. Taylor came out and modeled for me. It took me a moment but I finally noticed that the bra was one that didn’t cover her

Persephone in Winter - Chapter 4/

- another whisper, but one more forceful.The tip of the needle arrived at her breast, stopping at the edge of the bright pink areola. With a quick stabbing motion, he tapped the point repeatedly over the sensitive skin. She gasped, then began to moan quietly as the needle danced over the engorged button of flesh. The pressure was never enough to

Hot Summer Friends

of that heat in you, but first I have to go to the toilet” Mike said.With Mike gone the woman decided to take the initiative. She got up and walked slowly towards me. She had a beautiful lean, gracious, body and smiled all the way. Her partner looking at her with surprised, dilated, eyes. When arriving at where I sat, she bend over, laid a hand


she had driven the girls in on the Mass Pike, that she and her mother were going to be helping out at home until Paul could get things settled. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek she offered, and they headed for the parking garage. Thirty miles westbound out the Pike and they were at the house of a thousand dreams. Winter had held on longer

Afternoon Delight

female voice say. I had just finished mowing my backyard lawn. I turned to the left to see my neighbor with her head above the wooden fence, smiling at me. Emily is a pretty brunette in her early twenties. A college student, comes back home to stay with her parents during the summer. I turned toward the fence, pulling off my shirt to wipe the

Surprise in Boston ,Chapter 2 The Christmas Gift

pushed deeper into her pussy she threw her head back in pleasure. I wasn’t even half way in before she remarked “oh my god you’re filling me up” I took my time and savored the feeling of sliding into such a tight pussy. I was so turned on that when I was fully in her I stopped for a moment. I told myself I was just letting her pussy adjust to my

Living Room Quickie

and relax. On a sunny Saturday afternoon I invited two of my good friends around, Lucy and Mark, for a quick catch up. We were well into our conversation when Mark said that he was going to get a few beers in from down the road. He said he would be five or so minutes, so Lucy and I allowed him to leave the room and out the front door. As soon as

Joan goes to Palm Springs part 1

"I guess I don't have to bring many clothes." Joan is a flagrant exhibitionist.For the trip Joan wore skin tight leggings and a T shirt with large gaping armholes. During the flight Joan flirted outrageously with the fellow next to her, John . She would lean into him to ostensibly pull the window curtain down. As she did that her T shirt would

Introducing the Princess in Black

about alternatively striking his stomach and the area of the bed between his legs.As her photo was being taken and she waved good-bye to the people on the dock, the new female captain thought she must look fuckable in her slightly-too-big hat (the brim covering her eyes), her one-piece lifeguard-style white swimsuit and black fur boots. As she

Fooling a Cat

her captor undress. He looked even worse with his shirt off, the fat jiggling with each clumsy movement of his body. Hovering over the helpless woman, he stroked his meat while gazing into her bright eyes. There were at least thirty different ways she could take him down in this position, but none of those would be helpful to her now. Still

How to train your fratboy: Ch1

legs, grunting in frustration, and rammed his hips forward into her ass, with the same outcome."FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" he shrieked in a frustration-borne adolescent tantrum, trying again and again to rape the Zeta bitch to no avail."Are you finally waking up sweetie?" came a senuous voice in his ear, and the world went sideways. Brad felt like he was

Daniel Lies

saying   “That’s what you get for being late and ruining our evening my lad.”   “Sorry” Daniel replied, still rubbing, but at least more relaxed as his punishment was over. He knew he will be needing the large cushions to sit on for a while.   Jennifer and Daniel finished getting dressed and went back downstairs to find Beverley and Jeff sitting

The Confessions of A Horny Young Single Mother 2

Seeing that I was awake he pulled my legs up on his shoulders and grabbed my hips with his powerful hands yanking me to him as he thrust deeper inside me. I had never experienced sex like that before. It felt as if his cock was all the way up in my throat. For someone so young he had remarkable control. Every time I thought he was about to shoot

A night to remember

its weight in her hand. I began to squirm on the sofa and as I was doing so, my shorts began to slide down off of me. The head was nearly at the waistband eager to reveal itself. She promptly placed her mouth over the head and bit onto it softly sending waves of pleasure through my body. Squirming again my shorts slid down once more, and the head

Hands on Training

the thrusts she was imagining behind her closed eyes. Just as she reached the bursting point a car door thumped shut in the next row over. The naughtiness of being manipulated in public shot through Susan and she erupted in orgasm. The hot sticky wetness flooded my hand as she bucked in time with the muscle contracting throughout her body. A long

My First Facial, and Big Cock

bottom is that I’m extremely tight. I warned him of this. Im so tight some guys have had a hard time getting in me. Of course as soon as the condom was on he was a little softer and couldn’t get it in, damn condoms! I needed that dick in my ass. I tore the condom off and sucked it like no tomorrow. I didn’t really mind the taste of the condom. I

Just Do What Youre Told – Part Three

cock was still in her mouth. As directed, she immediately started licking and stroking his dick back to life. She loved the idea of sucking him off for breakfast, but a part of her would not have minded being fucked. She couldn’t believe herself, one quickie with her husband, and she’s set for a week. This bastard had her in a constant state of

The Cherub's deal.

I'll let you tell her, maybe she can help. All five have to cum at least once, good luck!" Said Misha then he vanished."Five, what was it talking about?" Asked Clara."Remember when I told you why you were so insistent on us fucking and the 100 orgasms? That was his doing, it was meant to be my girlfriend or someone else but I'm glad it was

Geena's Life Ch. 02

role playing, although we inserted real life drama into the situations. He probably never understood the depths of control he could have exerted over me had he chosen to do so. It would take a special person and many more experiences until I would find someone who could.My relationship with Carl lasted for three years and during that time we got

A Normal Family: Chapter One

being an artist living in NYC. But that never happened. One night in 1968 a 17-year-old Suzanne Schwartz met Gary Frankel, a man ten years her elder at a party. That night led to them having to get married and her dreams becoming just that.She never resented dad or us kids. She made the best of it by always encouraging us to follow our dreams.

Valley Wives Ch. 05

room. But the next day the shame began to creep into her head. Although she never had any intention of doing it with Tiffany that day, the thought had entered her mind at one point. It had lain dormant pretty much up to the point where the porn secret came out. Then the light bulb popped on. She knew from watching those movies that women often

My First Meeting of my Sexy Cousin...

my solid steel at this point, raging hard on! At some point my sexy little cousin decided to sneak the door open. And she finds a great way to black mail me. I hear a snap that sounded like a picture being taken, I look over and see my door is cracked open.... FUCK!!!! That was all I could think of in my mind, and in my haste I wash my hands in

Equal Shares Ch. 07

thought briefly of Pamela, but dismissed the idea – he was far too old. ‘No, not really. There were about seven of us, all beginner level, although I was the only one who started last night.’ ‘So, did you talk to them?’ Again, Stan thought of Pamela. ‘No, not really. Just chit-chat,’ he said, finally. Elizabeth regarded him over their desks for a

Caught with his Pants Down Ch. 02

right,’ said Katie, ‘We should eat.’ She pulled her lover close for one more searing kiss. ‘Or,’ Anthony said, ‘We could forget dinner for a while.’ She pushed him away and said, ‘No. You’re right. We need to eat, rest, and recharge.’ ‘Right,’ he said. ‘We’ll get dressed…’ she started to say. ‘Do we really have to?’ he asked. With an indulgent

Her Petite Possession (Pt 2)

her gently on to his cock. The look in her eyes changed from arrogant confidence to innocent amazement and she held on tightly as he thrust into her. They climaxed, but still Brad held her through the bars, knowing that she could so easily walk off and leave him helpless. They went again, after which Brad had to let go and hold the bars instead

The Sinn Girls: Shenanigans in Sinn

but she, even to my eye, seemed uneasy about something.“It is fabulous,” I gushed, not unlike my pussy had been doing for the past two hours with Oli, “Oli’s sales service is something else.”“Just as well you purchased the shoes, before fucking her,” Mons observed, “Otherwise you would have been paying for it.”Sarah almost choked on her

Young Uncle Mike Babysits the Teens

earlier, she was very wet so there was little friction as I located the hood of her clit. I spent almost a minute softly massaging the hood, and then using my thumb . . . I brushed it gently over her clit. A deep moan came from her mouth and I knew what the next step must be. I leaned forward and replaced my fingers with my tongue.“Oh, God . . .

Steve’s Homecoming

going anywhere right away. The aisle filled up with people, some bumping their bags against the seats. Steve hoped somebody would come get him soon. He thought about trying to just get in the stream of people and follow them to the front of the plane and the door, he had done it before, but he decided against it. He retrieved his cane from the

Doing The Right Thing

so it wasn’t a one time fling or a mistake. Who the hell did you have an affair with? Hell, it had to be in our first year of marriage.’ ‘It was Harvey, he was the one I had the affair with. It was stupid, wrong, but it’s over.’ ‘I guess it’s over! Since Harvey Kittle died around twenty five years ago. He was one of our best friends and you slept


of the other guy. I burst into tears and told him about it. He looked shocked but wanted to know every detail. As I relayed it to him, every single detail he dragged me to my feet and bent me over the sofa. He fucked me hard as he rubbed my throbbing clitoris as I screamed out another climax and he mixed his spunk with the other blokes. As we sat

Info About the Earth You Never Knew

don’t get much sun and a lot of snow.’ ‘Hey, Paul, what did you do with the solar panels the government sent you?’ ‘I reground them and made a telescope lens to spy on my neighbors in that new apartment complex a mile away,’ said Simon. Unfortunately, 5 million tons of oil each year finds its way to the ocean. Amazingly, just one gallon of motor

Three Generations of Tits

and everyone was already out back poolside. I had to continually remind myself not to stare at Ellen’s young, hard, curvaceous body, a copy of her mother’s body…only younger, harder, and more curvaceous. Sorry, the drool in my brain is making me repeat myself. It was difficult not to stare at her round, tight, perfect little ass. I wondered what

Endless Nights

the thought of grasping his cock or kissing her deeply. They were both on one side and the other of you. You wanted everything they have, they do, and they are. You felt brave and said inside yourself “it is now or never” and you reach out and powerfully grasped and squeezed the bulge you had been admiring all night long. As he moan you felt me

A Rainy Night in Paris Ch. 05

put it on the table and started serving it until the four of them had a plate piled high with the fluffy confection. Served along with it was cold roast beef, fresh bread and garden greens, a simple dinner, on fine bone china and sterling silver. ‘To good friends,’ Monique said, ‘old and new.’ ‘To friends,’ the rest of them echoed. Dinner was a

Modern Day Cassanova: The Beginning

of the situation, she had expected to play with the cute little kid she lived with, but the kid had suddenly become totally dominant. Though she acted overtly sexual and was usually the aggressor in the bedroom, Tina secretly wished to be controlled, and she found herself becoming more and more submissive to the young teenager as he used her

Till the End of Time

carriers, re-fueled, and rushed back to load up again. Suddenly her eyes were riveted to the most horrific sight it was possible to view. One helo paused in flight, plummeted to the ground, and burst into flames. The sight of that crash pushed her to the edge of panic. Her husband Alex was in Saigon and she could only worry and pray that he was

A Perfect Fit Pt. 11

company at all. She can hear the note of enjoyment in her master's voice to reply to a comment about his owned girl."Mm-hmm. Find myself daydreamin' about them when I'm at work. She's real sensitive there, too; I can get her 90 percent of the way to orgasm from attendin' to them.""Why not all the way? You should train her."Mark chuckles. "'Cause


of something sautéing suddenly made me ravenous, and I decided to eat an early lunch in the gyms café, which was completely empty at this hour. I ordered my food and took a seat in the corner, losing myself in my salad and the fitness magazine that was tucked in the pocket of my gym bag."Now I know it's you."I jumped slightly in my seat, almost

The Model: Part 4

I love your cock in my ass! Fuck me! Oh! fuck me harder!" I shrieked. Alana slapped my ass hard as James fucked me. "I'm gonna come in your ass, bitch! Do you want my cum in your ass?" "Yes! Ooh yes!" I moaned. James fucked me faster and faster and then filled me with his cum. My ass muscles contracted, milking every last drop of his cum. "You're

Can I Borrow Your Wife? 2

me. They couldn't cum anymore even if they tried. I am so tired I don't even know who untied me, but I know that Tom picked me up and brought me over to a hot bath he had drawn. He took off my clothes and said"That was amazing""Thank you""Get in the tub and regain your energy, You still have to screw me before bed" "Of course, I already planned

It began with Rape and ended with Desire.

were made for each other. I never realised just how complex and great fucking is and especially in the nude. I said there is only one problem this day will end before we have finished all the things I want to do and then I will have to go home and remember all the things I have done to make you happy. Dont worry I will remind you now I know how

Late Again...

too quickly, his hand moved away. "We're not done yet," he told me. "Those spanks just about make up for this morning's lateness, if I'm being generous. We still have the other occasions from the last fortnight to deal with...". From his tone, I could sense the wicked grin spreading across his face. I realised that I was turned on by the fact

The Holiday Couple

out, in and out, more arse play than deep penetration, and I could see his excitement build with each short little stroke.As his excitement built, so did hers. She was bucking and moaning, pumping her hips backwards to meet my strokes – really interesting.His knees wobbled, and I assume he shot his load in his wife’s mouth. This got her so

a friendly farewell part1

it’s different. Like they say most teenage girls have a crush one at least one of their friends and for me it was Tegan and now I was heading off to uni on Monday and I was about to go skinny dipping with Tegan!Since by now it was dark we couldn’t see each others bodies that well, just the outlines. Even so her breast looked amazing. As she

Beverly Ascending

mouth was agape in a perfect sexy little O. The contours of her lips were so appealing that Bill’s hips thrust forward involuntarily. Beverly responded by flicking out her tongue to catch the underside of his cock . The perfect O of her lips engulfed just the tip of Bill’s cock head as her tongue flickered all over it. She reached behind Bill to

Two Best Friends, Ryan and Shawn

dick. I stopped him once more and made sure he knew what he wanted. He just smiled and started pumping it. It felt so good! Like nothing I had ever felt! Oh, of course I had jacked off a thousand times, and half of them had involved me thinking of Ryan, but this was the real deal, this was too good to be true. He then let go, and, with my eyes on

The Mind Control Device Chapter 3: Father & Daughter Virginity Test

I'm going to explode.”“Good!” my daddy panted. He buried hard and deep into me. His cock filled me. He felt incredible in me. Amazing.His balls smacked into my clit.I exploded.“Daddy!”My pussy convulsed around his cock. A wave of pleasure surged out of my cunt. Last time, I burned in ecstasy, this time I drowned in incestuous rapture. It spilled

Getting Even with Evie

of her singlet top across her breasts. The feeling was incredible; any movement of the fabric over her nipple seemed amplified, even electrifying. It dragged up a forgotten feeling, making her blush for the second time this morning. Why didn't it always feel like this? After a long pause she replied."Yeah, sorry Kel. I'm not feeling great at the

Sharon J.

My cock was shooting a torrent of precum straight into the side of her hip as she continued gripping and releasingI continued to lightly massage her clit and lips until her spasms decreased. While Rhoda was moaning and shouting that she was about to come hard, at the final scream of, ‘I’m coming’, I heard Sharon pack up and pitter patter up

Ingrid Ch. 05

meetings in very general terms, but he got her interest when he told her about his plans on Wednesday. He had followed up on a couple of leads for software programs that might be helpful to Ingrid. ‘I don’t want to get your hopes up, Ingrid, but have a lead on a program that might meet your needs without you having to invest time and money in

Sex Diaries: The Affair

away some papers. Her tight black skirt showed no signs of a panty line. Adam ran his eyes down her smooth long legs as her feet disappeared in red three inch heels. She scooped some of her auburn hair around her ear to keep it from getting in her face. While admiring this view Adam started to reminisce to the day Riya walked into his office for

A Gift For My Wife

arms around his neck and riding him faster. I watched as my wife bounced on that cock with cum leaking from both of her holes. Jerry pinched her nipples hard and asked Dana if she enjoyed having her little white puss bred by a black cock. His words began to sink in and I realized what had just happened right in front of my face. He began to twist

Jenna Teaches Boys Sex Ed

attention to how I put this condom of Tommy's big penis, and while most of you aren't this large, let me assure you that the procedure is exactly the same." After placing the still rolled up rubber over the tip of his erection, Jenna then with great care, unrolled it evenly until it was completely unfurled. "There," she said with satisfaction, "a

REVENGE! Stage 1 - The Trial Run

to keep her up and near instantly pushed myself into her warm slit. Upon entering her she screamed somewhat quietly, but I could tell the only reason it wasn't loud was because she was so out of breath. I loved her tears and crying, and I gripped her hips hard as I began to buck my hard rod into her warm and moist pussy. I loved the feel of

Detention 15 Conclusion Part 2

to little boy?” Wilson asked stepping up into his face. His cold blue eyes stared down at me menacingly. His face was stone hard and I almost expecting him to hit me or something. I was ready if it came down to it. I wasn’t gonna back down from him, not today or any other day. “When I tell you to fuckin’ do somethin’, you better fuckin’ do it.”

Bonnie Lavigne Ch. 03 - His Special Evening

and came back with the doggie bowl full of water. With her back to him, she got down on all fours. Lowering her head with only her arms, displaying ass and pussy to him. Raising her head back up to show she was finished, she is instructed to make food.In the kitchen, she ate the same way out of the doggie bowl with her ass up. It was more

Naughty Allison

to answer at first. "Oh yes my Lady!""Cum for me Shawn! Cum now!" hearing her orders Brian quickened his strokes bringing him full circle, Shawn cumming all over Brian's hand and his own lap.Derrick quickened his pace as Allison cried out in an orgasmic roar. Following suit he thrust his cock into her hard and deep letting himself cum inside her,

Taking Mom to the Truck Stop III - the Whipmaster

Carol hanging from the truck hoist surrounded by the screaming truckers. Slowly the van pulled away, Hannah couldn’t hear her mom’s screams but she turned for one last look as The MILF bitch hung in the truck yard naked for all the truckers to see.Carol’s head turned back and forth, everywhere she looked there were men, at least 50. They were

New Life Part 2

replied. “How was work?”Our hug ended and I let her down. She smiled up at me and her eyes were as big as saucers. “Well, I have awesome news! I got a promotion today, and I was thinking I could take you out to dinner to celebrate.”Kerry squealed and hugged me again. “Yay Daddy! I’m so happy for you!”“With this promotion, I’ll be making a lot

The Pussy Factory

and she had told all one night when drinking a little too heavy. An idea came to Doug........ "Jeff, do you trust me?" Jeff looked at Doug in a funny way almost trying to read Doug's expression. Doug was a very big man with long greasy hair and a certain stench that went with him. People tended to cross to the other side

Step Daughter Figured It Out For Me

What a manipulative little minx. I sat there, thought she has already seen my breasts naked, what is the difference. So, I said “Ok, sure”She must have jumped three feet in the air and yipped! “Stand up, and take off that sweatshirt” So I did, and the t-shirt underneath. I was now just standing there in my shorts. She walked behind me and wrapped

To Be Frank Ch. 07

from every cock, I now know. Simon’s tasted good as I swallowed it. As soon as I’d cleaned every last drop from him, Simon released my head, allowing me to lie back on my bed as he lay next to me. He turned his attention straight to my breasts. ‘I love your breasts, Kate.’ He moaned. They are so perfect.’ As if to emphasise his comments he kissed

Further Exploration

been anticipating this moment all day and now that it was here, my whole body trembled with pleasure. Jerry’s hips pressed against my ass as he took hold of my hips and buried his shaft completely in me.“Take that cock, Slut. You like my big cock in your tight pussy, don’t you?” he growled.“Oh yes, Daddy. I love your big cock in my tight pussy.

Two Worlds Collide (Part 3)

me, nothing is going to come between us okay? I promise you." Amber said, trying to calm Hanna."But-" Hanna started."No but. Shhhh baby it's going to be okay. We will be okay. She can't stop us from being together. Our love can make it through anything. I love you okay Hanna? Nothing will ever change that." Amber said, hoping Hanna would stop

The World's First Futa 06 - Futa's Beauty Pageant 1: Futa's First Naughty Pageant

her bodice exposing most of her pale chest. “Yes. I got drunk with a girlfriend of mine once and we went down on each other. Though she had nothing on the skill of your tongue, Becky.”“I've had lots of practice,” I said, my futa-dick throbbing in my hand. I pumped up and down it, my pussy clenching.The questions continued, each of us judges

My first frat party

rocking her hips in a motion that what would come to be called twerking. I grabbed and played with her tits. I could feel that I was getting close. I had never fucked a girl without wearing a condom. “I’m gonna come and I don’t have a rubber on” I told her so she could get off. In a strained voice that made me know that she was having an

Pizza guy really delivered part 2

rock as he stood there. Liz instructed him to lay next to me on the bed. She knelled between us and took turns sucking our cocks. I couldn’t help but stare at Spencer’s huge cock as Liz did her best to suck it. I looked up at Spencer and he smiled at me. He had caught me staring at his dick. I said to him, ‘you really do have an amazing looking

Our Stories: Being Watched to the Next Level

stop or want him to leave, he has to.” I didn’t even bother to stop licking her nipple to respond. Soon after, the cum shot out of my dick like a cannon. Stream after stream covered us both. “I’ll talk to Chris tomorrow after school,” I said. *** The next day at school, all I thought about was how I would ask Chris to do this. It would be really

Surfside chapter four

I haven't been satisfied like this since I first started having sex years ago. Did you enjoy it as much as I did?" Kevin agreed that it was wonderful and assured her that he would be sure to keep the affair confidential. He said "I'd like to do this for you whenever you need it Mrs. Estevez. Your a beautiful woman. If your husband can't

His Treasure

relax as he did so. He pulled her only part way back she could now see his face; it was so hard not to speak looking up at her Master whom she loved so much. With his other hand he started feeling her breast through the sheer silk gown... slowly running his hand over them exploring... then firmly squeezing them. She moaned softly under her

A European Beauty PT 3

like this but once we got to her bedroom I saw this huge immaculate bed. I easily was enticed by that alone. She turned around and smiled some more and as she did she took off her skirt. I watched her drop it to the floor. She wore a slip beneath it which only made me hornier. I knew what was going to happen. I felt like that little kid who sees

Rachels little secret 01

leaving him totally satisfied."Snap out of it Rachel! This is your best friend."Despite herself, she kept staring. She never had seen a real life fully erect penis before. Sure, her mom had taught her all about sex, being a doctor. And because she was a liberated 21st century woman, she'd made sure Rachel knew all about her body and how to have

Shut up and pass the cola - How I was deflowered

and peeped out through the crack. "Hi, Honey," I greeted him. He stepped back and let me inside. He wore nothing but boxers, and his room was a mess as usual. However he had made an effort to make it romantic in his own way. He had lit black candles, and cleaned to mess around his bed. His speakers were delivering a song by Black Sabbath, which I

The Story Of Mark & Lisa. REVISED.

to stay the night, order carry out and watch a romantic movie. Since we both already knew each other, why not???? As we relaxed the rest of the night, we couldn't help but wonder what tomorrow morning would bring. After we ate our carry-out and watched our movie, we decided to call it a night. So as we cleaned up in the living room, something

Under The Boardwalk

a little thing so he could hold her in his arms.“I’d love to come down your throat.  Would you mind sucking me off?”“Sure.”John put Kate down and she pulled up her tube top and pulled down her skirt.  John took off his condom and walked over to the rocks.  He sat down and she wrapped her lips around his cock.  She pushed his cock down her

My Dream Ride

bobs up and down my rigid cock, getting the shaft wet for what is to come next. This woman slips my cock from her mouth and rises to her feet. She takes my hand and walks us to her green John Deere. As she leans over the seat of the Deere, my mystery woman looks over her shoulder and says, "Fuck my tight brown hole and slap my firm derrière."

Sibling Discoveries

I pulled out of James mouth and got back into regular position. Wow you really want me to fuck you, dont you? I nodded vigorously. Okay well turn around and Ill talk you through it. I did as I was told and soon felt James wet fingers prodding my hole. When he said I was went enough he stuck the head of his cock in between my ass cheeks. Are you

Olympus has Fallen Ch. 12

low-life rapist motherfucker! So, you and your half breed Babylonian perves think it is funny to rape a bunch of helpless women do you? Well, that is going to be a little difficult to accomplish with your heart dangling from the edge of my dagger!" Pulling back his free fist, he began punching the man beneath him in a histrionic spectacular

Twincest Is Best Part I

brown eyes, and as I observed him he gave me a small awkward smile to show his extremely white teeth. It was like a dream and I couldn’t look away, at least until the teacher called my name and asked me to give her the answer to the algebra equation she had written on the chalk board. The rest of the school day went quickly I learned that the New

My best friend -pt 1- About a dream

stop’ Please!” was all I managed to say.“I’m cumming!” I screamed. I expected him to stop but he didn’t. Instead he sucked harder until I could take it no longer. I felt jets of cum gush of my dick into his waiting mouth. He swallowed it all. It was the best orgasm I ever had.“I love you Brian” I said.“And I love you even more. I better clean up

Fucking Your Wife Ch-8

with you means a lot to me. Maybe I should rephrase that. You taking me away from my alcoholic husband tonight means a lot to me. Please don’t take this badly but I never have been unfaithful to my husband. Will you be hurt if we sleep in separate beds?” “I promised separate beds when I invited you Kat.” “But did you think we would use both of

Trying again, Christmas Miracle #2

my cock to the burning wet tight inferno of her love canal. Our bodies became one as my cock slid in and out, deep, oh so deep. Mary's legs rested on my shoulders as I moved within her. She raised her pelvis taking each stroke as deep as possible. Our kisses only paused when I sucked hard at her nipples. Her vagina squeezed me, milked me as I

The Barbie lez Fantasies - Week 88: Internet Sex

was pissed and out for blood, I threw caution to the wind and once more borrowed my roommate’s cell phone.Have you ever heard the expression “The customer is always right?” Well, the person I spoke to sure as hell hadn’t, because she claimed there was nothing she could do for me. I explained the situation in detail and even told her how I needed

Alexis The Dark Fairy Chapter 3

to the floor landing gently back into her shoes as they laced themselves back up."How's that for getting ready in a pinch?" Alexis giggled."Awesome! Where have you been every other morning I needed you?" Vanessa laughed.She walked out into the kitchen where her mom and older brother Jamison sat eating breakfast."Wow, honey, I was beginning to

Earning His Keep

its cage. I led him out the back door and into the backyard. I ordered him to crawl to the middle of the yard and stay. I uncoiled the garden hose and attached the trigger nozzle to its end."Chris, remind me, what is Rule number one?""Rule number one: I will respect and obey my wife at all times."Without warning, I turned the hose on him. The

Footrub Friday

ass as tight as I could, lifting her off the bed so I could get my tongue deeper inside her. Karen wrapped her long legs around my neck and held my head in place as she had multiple orgasms, bucking against me and covering my face with her sweet juices.It was almost time to leave, so I slipped some dress pants on over my stockings, making more

Foster Family Chapter 10

felt his cockhead resting against the back of Sean’s mouth, from there Kyle began fucking Sean’s mouth with deep long strokes. Sean kept his tongue firmly against the underside of Kyle’s shaft, he moved his hands to Kyle’s taut bubble butt and used his fingers to explore. Soon finding his brother’s hole, he used his index and middle fingers to

Famous Anus

me you dumb nigger bastards..." kept popping up even though this was impossible since Charles had paid for her tubes to be tied years ago. "I wanna fuck the cum out of your balls."They all switched places, taking turns on each of her dirty holes in turn. Her eyes were shut from being covered in cum."Charles?" She asked "I can't see you and I

Amy the Babysitting Slut - Dream Job Lost

Little Girl now ok? And I will be your Daddy. And if Little Girls are good then Daddy will pay them a nice allowance. Ok? But you have to be good and help Daddy. Understand?" the man questions Amy."Yes Daddy, I understand." she replies smirking a sexy grin. For some reason Amy is kinda turned on acting like a little girl with Daddy. Part of her

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 10

worry. ‘Hello there!’ she murmured drowsily as she stretched out beside him. ‘Hello yourself,’ she caught the undertone in his voice, the slight stress around his eyes. ‘What is it?’ she asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Please don’t say that you regret what happened!’ she begged silently. ‘I… I was your first, wasn’t I Izzy?’ the colour flooded her cheeks

The Champion's Companion 10

to a stove and opened a steam valve in the wall acting busy and normal. The other on in pants came directly to the table but stopped two paces away. “Hello we rarely get early customers. Forgive our earlier actions. We are new here. Perhaps coffee today? Or tea?” Her words were clipped and her mouth barely opened. Marcos knew vampires

Sin Whispered Love Ch. 03

for you guys?’ Zeke didn’t look at her, his blue eyes were still on Adam and he gestured to him to go first. ‘I’ll have the double bacon burger, no pickles,’ he said, giving the menu and a polite smile to the girl before he looked across the table at Zeke. Zeke barely glanced at the waitress as he ordered. ‘I’ll have the steak, rare, no pickle,

Perfect Admission

from being punished. Hell, if she did a good enough job, Brenda might even get her off. She was definitely wet enough for it. Brenda almost gave in. She was hot already and the perfect blond girl between her legs, one lovely breast naked and hardening, probably could get her off right there, but then she thought of her bronze flesh blushing after

My first time at Prep School part 2

like velvet. I pumped in and out of her slowly at first but gradually speeding up the pace. Her pussy made wet sloshing noises as I fucked her hard and fast. Her hips were bucking like crazy despite me being on top of her. I lifted my head up and looked up at her beautiful face; her cheeks were flushed and her eyes glazed over with teenaged

Sam 1

Just as quickly a strange beam shot out of the bulkhead. “What the hell!?” Samuel almost shouted as he jumped back the beam following him.“Ah! Much better!” The Auburn haired woman said. Pointing her gun straight at Samuel’s chest, unwavering, she started. “Now just who are you? Where is the criminal Mellos Thymp?!”Shock registered on Samuel’s

My Very Secret Life

I went back to the table. Fortunately Maude hadn't seen me.I brought her the beer and she motioned for me to kneel on the floor beside her. I did so while she continued to chat with the couple we had met earlier. They were both gay and his slave was very feminine. He stood next to the table, but did not say a word. I glanced up at him could not

Free from Bondage

strong jaw. She moved it over his cheek beckoning him to look at her. His eyes glazed with his emotions. She lifted her head to his big lips. She captured his face in her tiny hands and rolled over on top of him as he moved onto his back.She straddled his torso moving up to place her hands on his massive chest. She reached back and angled his

Falling Ch. 10

and gazed at the hair clippings sealed inside. Jenny had saved her pubic hair when she’d shaved it off, and given it to me just before we’d parted. In my hands, it was a silly sentimental keepsake, the ring riding beneath my clit was a more tangible expression of our mutual love. In Stacey’s hands, the hair was a weapon of unimaginable power. I

Charlie Ch. 08

its foot. She insensitively spread my legs and immediately ran her tongue along my inner labia. She pulled open my ass with her fingers and circled her tongue around my anus and back down to my pussy. Somehow, for some reason, I remembered my time with Justine at that moment. She kissed my outer labia and inner thighs. She ran her fingers along

G Pleases Mistress Kimmie

wanting to lick her body; have his tongue find her moist hot spots! She went to the counter first and picked up a bright pink silky scarf - which she brought back and put it over his eyes, using it as a blindfold - never saying a word! The excitement, the not seeing only increased his sensitivity! He could hear her but not see what she was doing.

A Painful Visit Ch. 2

her mouth harder and harder. She knew He was near and only doubled up on her efforts, craving the taste of His cum in her mouth. With one last thrust He buried Himself deep into her throat and let out a long thick blast of cum and she eagerly sucked it all down. He pulled slowly from her mouth and reached down to untie the blindfold and pulled it

Duplex Ch. 04

hugged me back just as hard. Turning her chair away from the table, she pulled me so that I had to straddle her lap. I realize now how silly it must have looked: All 5'1"of me, completely naked, sitting in the lap of the 51 year old, 5'10" woman who had spanked me to tears the day before when she had caught me naked in my own hot tub in our

My Manager

single handily keep her held down. With my free hand I began to finger her little to get her wetter than she previously was. Once she started moaning again is when I decided to penetrate her. I first rubbed the tip of my dick into her moist pussy and pushed it in. She was so tight. I began to thrust harder and harder and Jen’s moaning was just

My sons friend

my confidence took a knock too. One friday night I had got all dressed up up ready to go out on a date with an old friend. I thought he might be after a bit of extra and didnt mind the attention. I started a bottle of wine and jumped into the bath. I hadnt had it for so long and played with myself to orgasm in the bath thinking about the night

The Incubus' Bride

pitch-black hair. Tonight, his darkly hair is ruffled and messed up neatly. He is also putting on a white shirt that is barely noticeable and seeable underneath the jacket that he is having on. His shoes…….they sparkle and flare up, like they are made of some darkish gold or something valuable of the sort. Magnificent-o! This is my very much

Beating the Summer Heat.

but i continued to drink. Wow, I thought. What the actual fuck am I doing here. Ten minutes later, i had finally calmed my urge to make up for my recent lack of sex, he returned. I stood up and he sat back down in his spot on the beer case and he waited for me to sit back down on his lap. "Oh," I said suddenly. " i see you have a tattoo."

Dirty Little Secrets 10: Out in the Open

a man outside, dressed casually in t-shirt and jeans motioning to me. I push the button for the window to slide halfway down, noticing that Catherine is staring dead ahead, as if scared stiff. Wickedly I start the clit vibrator up.The man’s face comes up close to the window and he peers in, staring straight at Catherine. “Your bird’s got fucking

Sasha and Clair

pool as she went to a beach chair. When I looked back at her she had removed her robe. She stood there in her totally nude, voluptuous beauty. High full breasts, tiny waist and impossibly long, shapely legs."It's just us girls here. You don't object to my nudity, do you?""Not at all." I forced the words past my lips. She was so incredibly

Another life for a farmgirl

to each fucking ass thrust ashe hammered his prong down into me. Fucking... you!! Fucking your asshole...! Fucking yourassshoooole!!" he gasped. "Give it to her, boy!" His dad shouted from above my head. Hishands came down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and backagainst my chest, pulling my ass cheeks up off the table as Tony'scock

Dream of the Day

with the thought of how hideously I wanted to end it all. Step forth, take hold of her, and simply walk out of his life. They both smiled, not seeing my face. A clerk across the way handed her a band bedazzled with diamonds, each and every facet reflecting a tiny image of her magnificence. I saw them all, and coveted each one. She gingerly pulled

All Things to All People Ch. 03

do, run, they is settin you up hard. You go with someone who wants you to tie them, you never be seen again, you hear me?’ Cynthia nodded. She was so into following Gloria’s patter that the male voice ahead startled her. ‘Yo Gloria. You got a new one for me?’ ‘Back off Harold. I don’t bring no one for your stable. You on your own. This one’s not

Janine Gets What She Wanted

covered her mouth, just as his right hand picked up speed and he began pounding into her even harder. Soon, her high-pitched moans became screams, muffled by his hand. He felt her contract around him, the tightness holding him deep inside her as he released her mouth and clit, instead firmly grabbing her breasts as he pushed himself hard into her

Discipline for Karen

figure off. The neckline vees down, showing just enough cleavage to accent the small diamond heart pendant that hangs above your breasts on the fine gold necklace I gave you recently.As the hostess leads us back to our booth I see a man sitting at a table take you in, his eyes sweeping up and down your body. As we pass the table, the woman he is


a lot of people to party, unless you want a gangbang.”“As you said, true. Want some music?”“Sure, that would be nice, but nothing that will jangle the nerves.”“Know what you mean, can’t stand that loud crap myself.”He tuned the radio to an FM station. It was quiet in the van for a minute then his right hand gave my thigh a squeeze. Not wanting

New year eve

traditional floor, parquet, and i could be barefoot). Well, me dressed, wig on, makeup ok, i started make dinner, made some canapes, put seafood into the dishes, sliced some cheese… everything easy, fresh or pre-cooked, and then we put all on table and talked a bit before we started to dinner… started opening the wine, had a few cups of wine,

Jessica's Party from Hell

you Jess," John laughed, "You maybe want to see a movie with me sometime, like play boyfriend and girlfriend?""Maybe?" Jessica agreed, as she floated on a wave of purple pleasure, "Maybe,"she repeated as she realised there was something missing.A cock up her ass, and maybe one to suck, and especially a couple of guys sucking her tits at the same

Jay shows the way

often simultaneously. The man was insatiable, he had what seemed to be a permanent erection and he made me insatiable as well. Jay always shaved his pubic area, in his culture it was done generally for hygiene reasons and he was always surprised that although I was neatly trimmed, I didn’t. He was also surprised that I had never engaged in anal

A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu

soft and gave me chills whenever he kissed me. That is what I will always remember about my dear sweet Henry! Well, little Angela … that skinny-as-a-rail little ten-year old turned into a pretty teenager with soft curves, and ample breasts. I changed from glasses to contacts during my first year at the music conservatory. This conservatory

Doctor's Orders

the specimen beaker. And of course, I just couldn't pee with her staring at me. The humiliation was too extreme."Come on, sergeant," said Dr. Hughes. "We don't have all day. If you're unable to urinate, I'll have to catheterize you. And I know you won't like that.""Yes, ma'am," I said. I remembered the catheter from my appendectomy two years

The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 31) - Her Brother, Part Three

for another three weeks while he found a house. He had thought about moving in with Laura but Laura's house wasn't suitable for people anymore, only fake-lesbian sluts.Laura drinking piss seemed to fascinate Daniel - and arouse him. When dinner came, he had Erica piss on hers and Laura's meals again - steak this time - and had the girls eat

The Angel Next Door III

get together with me again anyway. I try to think of something better to do than sit here. Then I get another idea. I pick up my cell and dial Lillian’s number. “Josh?” she answers. I still love her voice. “Hey, beautiful. We caught?” I ask. “Keep it down! No, and why are you calling me?” “Do you wanna do something real this Friday? Maybe a

Hidden Fun

I’m really turned on, and I had many wonderful climaxes standing there ogling the curves of Alison’s body, or the face of someone browsing through the sports bras . I just loved the rush it gave me to experiencing that kind of wicked sensation, to be doing something so primal and base, in what felt like plain view of a store full of people. The

Black Puma – Cat’s Claw - Part Five — Darkness is My Bride by Millie Dynamite

breathing rasped from her as the moans and groans increased. She hated this … but loved how it made her feel. Both were true and it shamed her.He rammed her with heated aggression, abandoning any concern for the onlookers. Harder and rougher Griggs stuck his cock deep inside Sheila Wells’ wet pussy. The sensations stunned Sheila as she whimpered

Monica becomes a SUB I - Beginning

but dismissed that as wishful thinking.We had both gone to bed one Friday night and I was lying on my bed stroking my cock, building up the pressure slowly. I was fantasizing about that large body again and how I wanted to touch it, taste it, feel it, and bend it to my will. How she would do anything to please me so I could take maximum advantage


moaned. He stayed there a bit, rubbing against her hard nipple, then continued up. His cock slid over her throat and to the side of her head, touching her ear, then up and rubbed over her face. She kissed it when it came near her mouth.He shifted his weight sideways a bit, leaving his dominant cock on her face. His hand touched her, moving down

My First Submission

moment, I needed to serve him, more than I needed to breathe. It was like an extreme form of empathy, literally feeling what he felt, at one remove.He nodded. "I know, baby" he said. He did know. He was the first, the only man who understood what I needed. Better than I understood it myself. I never knew. Through other relationships, where the

The Way of the War part 4

whom he was speaking . Let's say I can't be with you but you will benefit from what I do. I leave tonight.” After all the Parading and passing in review Clancy told me the Colonel wished to see me I got into his jeep and away we went to the Battalion office. As I walked the Sgt motioned me to the door. I went down the hall to the Colonels office

The Kidnap Of Our New Slaves // Ryan & Jenny: Part 2

breath she had left. Ryan loosened his clutch on her throat, letting her speak. After catching her breath she stayed quiet, Ryan sighed and started tightening his grip again. Jenny took a deep breath and he grasped her throat tighter than before. He laughed, knowing she cant hold her breath forever. She started struggling, panicking she begged,

Halloween Surprise pt1

my ass felt like it was beyond empty. When the truck stopped again, I got up, Joe gave me his phone number and got out of the truck and Joe pulled off. Me still in a stupor, trying to figure out exactly what happened and why did I like it so much? I had a moment of clarity and realized I never told Joe where to drop me off at. I looked around

Twins Share My Virginity

thing to make it good for him.His twin had heard him cum and now he was getting ready to finish himself off inside me. This was amazing. This time it was his turn to cum inside me. I was going to be awash with cum and whatever had happened when the first one broke through into me. To me, I was enjoying the experience and it was much better than I

Escapades of Eva Ch. 30

in one smooth move. The top of the gown fell down exposing Eva's back and breast. Then he gave it a little tug at the waist and the gown feel the rest of the way to the floor leaving his submissive completely nude. She did not move even though the familiar feeling of private humiliation stirred in her pussy as it always did when she was nude for

Battle of Wills Pt2

off her well punished bottom. “Oh Ellie, did you do that to Louise’s bum?” Asked Maria Ellie just smiled and continued to dink her coffee. “Well Maria, that’s what happens to naughty girls. And I’ll thank you not to address her by her first name. She is to be called girl! She needs to earn the right to be called by her first name” and with

Honest Perversion

around together is what we did whenever we felt like it. She leaned on the railing. ‘You heard?’ I held up the bottle of liquor. ‘You offering?’ ‘Still need to ask?’ ‘I just don’t want to impose.’ ‘Stop whining and get over here.’ She smiled and climbed over the lower part that was left of the division. I went inside to get another glass while

Caught by the Tide Ch. 08

rather relieved to see he was wearing a dark T-shirt and boxer shorts. ‘Bathroom’s just there,’ he said, pointing towards a door in the corner of the room. ‘The light switch is on the wall outside.’ ‘Thanks,’ I mumbled, already stumbling across the room. And flipping on the switch I burst through the door, closing it behind me as fast as I could.

The First Time My Wife Tried Anal

taking all of it far quicker than I had expected. Now, I'd learned more than a little from my previous adventures in butt fucking as a teenager. In the bad old days, it was a common form of teen, 'birth control'. For her, this was a first, so I just stayed motionless and let the exquisite feeling of a 32 year old anal virgin's tight, hot, buttery

Teasing my neighbour... again

and had a shower and made myself a quick breakfast of crusty bread and blueberry jam. I would have given anything for some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes but I need to keep in shape for my modelling obviously. I was half way through my coffee when there was a knock on the front door. I was still just wrapped in my towel but my hair was nearly dry. I made

Jessicas Capture – Part 7 of 10

the hair and dragged her naked meaty body from the trailer yelling GET UP THAT FUCKING RAMP NOW!!! the girls slowly get out of the trailer following Jessica as she continues to drag the first girl. Entering the room You will see a large tank in front of you, the oil init will remove all the hair on your body except whats on your head, now walk up

The Operative FIle 01: An Easy Case

honed to perfection, just the right mix of breathlessness and husk, mingled with the dominating tones of a confident Queen. One of my subjects said that hearing it was like having a pair of soaked silken panties wrapped around his dick.I like to tease my victims with this first.‘We’re going to play 20 questions. If you want this to go quickly,

Vacation in Paradise

our lives and we resigned ourselves to a c***dless marriage. Like many couples we have had our rough patches. Mark’s work takes him out of town for long stretches, during which time boredom and loneliness frequently get me down. We have both had, and admitted to, brief extramarital affairs. While we certainly don’t have an open marriage, our

Twin Sister Delights Chapter 5: Twins' Wicked Evening

referring to myself in the third person. It was how little girls would speak especially to their older brothers. Kimiko claimed I did it because I wanted an older brother to be childish around.And now we had Clint.Our mother had met Clint earlier today and responded to his charm. She patted her hair now and adjusted her skirt as she faced the

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

my pussy a tiny bit harder. My tummy contracted as another tiny moan escaped my lips. My grandfather refastened my top strap and slapped me on the butt, a little harder than necessary, moving back to his lounge chair, but not before I got a look at the huge erection he was trying to hide. Another indication that I just might be wrong about old

Alex and Emma Pt. 05

noticed him watching me, his arms folded on the table. "It-it's um...""No good?""Oh, on the contrary..." I lowered my gaze. "It's hot as hell. Fuck..."Alex chuckled. "So now you know a little of what goes on in my head. I'm sure it needs some proofreading. Tweaking. Nothing you can't handle, Ms. Editor."" would be easy." I skimmed

Rekindling a Highschool Romance

I suck and flick my tongue over his throbbing cock. I can wait no longer; I take the remaining shaft into my wet mouth as far as it will go, to the back of my throat. I suck, and work him with one hand at the base of his shaft, as I pulled his cock out slightly and pushed it deeper to the back of my throat. With it there I swallow. That nearly

My tutoring - re uploaded

and faster now "oh fuck me fuck me fuck. Cum in my ass!!" I heard him start groaning and I knew he was close, I started to rub my clit harder and faster "OHHH!!! I’m Cumming, ohhh fffffffffffuuuuu" I said as I shuddered feeling the intense orgasm ripple through me "ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!!!!!" he moaned as he filled ass with his warm hot cum. He

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

you’ll get it for your birthday,” I told her. “No way,” Merry said, “I’ll kill him if he does that. He’d better do it on Christmas Day as a Christmas present.” Merry’s birthday was on Christmas Eve. Her parents spelled her name after the holiday greeting. She hated it. When she got older, her parents became understanding. They celebrated her

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 22

trying to make himself appealing to the girls. He was just having fun, being himself. At that point I knew I wanted to get to know him.’ ‘Wow,’ said Sandy, in awe. ‘I’m not done,’ said Sunny. ‘The singing and playing eventually came to an end. People thanked him for playing and he blushed. ‘ People started to wander away from the piano and I

The Eyes Have It

of each other's space. The ticket guy grunted."You can have a pod to yourselves. Not many people on tonight. I thought with it being Valentine's Day there'd be loads, but as you can see piss-all in this rain, they've all been scared off."They moved towards a pod that stood swaying, almost expectant, its electric doors glistening in the rain. "He

Construction Zone

one of those 30-40 minute delays which only happened a few times. After about the first month of sitting and watching the construction workers and dump truck drivers she decided to have a little fun. She began wearing short skirts to work and removing her panties before she left. She would slide her skirt up high to show off her smoothly shaven

Down Drinking at the Bar

poetry, string quartets, a dram before bed and the barmaid at the Rose and Crown. She had no idea that he enjoyed her presence, but whenever he went to the pub he would sit on a narrow bench halfway across the public bar and look at her from time to time. She was called Polly – he didn’t know her family name – and she was a buxom woman with a

Getting Head

from below. There is nothing else. As I watch, she releases huge quantities of saliva. Her spit flows down my shaft, soaking my balls. The sight and feel of it accelerates my passion. She again looks up at me. Her eyes are powerful. She has me. She knows it. Her look shows it. She basks in her power. "You bitch, you bitch, you fucking bitch..."

Lovely Ms Erryn

my head?’ I heard only a moan in response, the first and most inviting I had heard from her. I bent to her thighs and began to worship her body. Her pussy was warm, wet from my kiss, and from the excitement that had been building throughout the evening. I imagined her needing to masturbate if we had not consummated our relationship. She was not

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch. 09

not like I kept her from doing that.’ The waitress dropped off the beer and Rick drained half the bottle before she’d gone ten feet away. ‘Anyway,’ Rick continued, ‘I figured once the kids were born, she’d stop. We talked about it, she said she thought she would like staying home with kids. Then when she was on maternity leave she told me she

My Eros 68: You Come To Me Naked

nibble there…moving further down and across your neck to your throat…I nibble with my lips and twirl my tongue across your delectable skin. I feel the vibrations of a moan passing through your throat. Your hands grip at me once again, and I bring mine up to your hips…gripping with a brief squeeze, then trail my fingers up across your torso, your

Stuck Again

I have it pretty good. I live across the street from a gymnast, Amy, and regularly fuck her. She loves my big fat 10 inch cock, especially the 4 inch wide head. We usually do it in the afternoon after school before her Mom gets home. We are both 18 and seniors. We have come close to getting caught especially the first time when I got my cockhead

A guy and his...? 56 Final Safety

desire.." Rosalinda started.  "Please you forget who you are talking to! I know everything and this," A wide smile crossed Rosalinda's face. "Is something that we both actually agree upon!"   Jake could only stare at Rosalinda then roared out as he was blasting down Mary's throat. Smacking her lips when he'd finished she withdrew. "Um now that is

A Christmas Story

a bit of my wetness up with your fingers and pull the material from my mouth just long enough to let me taste my juices. "You like that don't you?" I nod my head quickly. You spank me again and again until my ass turns red and shows your handprints. I try to pull away but the material is tied tight and I can't move at all. "Stop moving or I won't

Nurse Mom - Chapter 10 - Ashley is cumming along nicely.

and while this one also five inches in diameter, it was simply a round silicone ball, with a suction stand on one side of it. I told her that while we had made a great accomplishment with the toy that was inside of her, that only meant that the very beginning of her entrance had been trained to relax to that size. Now it was time to work on

Big Little Brother, ch 1

nearly as big this morning as his second one last night had been, and the back of her pajama bottoms was soaked through again. She woke up as he got out of bed. “Good morning, little brother.“ she said, pleasantly. Her brow wrinkled a moment later. “Why is my ass wet?” she asked him, reaching back to feel her PJ’s. She brought her hand up to her

Bunny Licking

cunt quite so wantonly. Her eyes were alight but Her cunt looked even greedier, displayed between two powerful thighs and framed by stockings and those wonderfully sharp heels.She beckoned him closer and then once within range pulled him by his hair.Quietly She said, the words hanging in the heavy atmosphere -"Come and lick my cunt, there's a

A Private Tour In The Museum

her friends and she’d have to look for an officer for help. She frowned as she thought about the one who greeted them at the entrance – a tall and tanned man, in his late twenties, who had looked at her from head to toe like she was a fugitive. She’d turned her eyes away under his scrutiny. Her small frame had made her feel vulnerable compared to

A Wakened Dream

hand slide easily up and down his shaft. My mouth became filled with his engorged prick and I moved my hand to gently squeeze his balls. I moved deliberately up and down his cock with my lips wrapped around it. Down and then up before going back down. Each downward move brought his cock a little further into my mouth until I could feel his


thrust a deep, hard pounding. "ahhhgg' she gasped as he repeated 'i wont hurt you' and thrust his cock inside her with more and more force.Blood pulsed in her veins as if pressing against a wall with no release. She could not cry out. She could not break free. His thrusts quickened. Her body never lost the sensation of him but her mind drifted

Silk Seduction

your cock nestling between strong, muscular thighs. I smile to myself as I realise that right this very minute, you are mine; all mine. I lean forward to kiss you, sucking your bottom lip gently into my mouth, my tongue exploring your mouth, dancing against yours. I suck on your tongue, gently at first, getting harder as my desire for you

My first spanking

whenever I put the panties on. This particular evening we were going to a party. "I want you to wear a pair of my panties." She then gave me a pair of black nylon bikini panties and thinking this would end up being another incredible evening I quickly put them on. When I put my jeans back on I glanced at her and noticed that she was putting a

After School Activities

would look better if the shorts were off too.” He said moving his hands up her legs and slowly pulling the shorts down to her ankles. Mr. Darrel raised his head so his mouth was level with her knee. He kissed it. He moved his mouth up to her thigh. He kissed her thigh a few times then ran his tongue up and down her leg.Lily was scared. She didn’t


bed and pick up the DP toy and come back with it and the KY jelly. "Can't ever have to much lube," I chuckle and pop the cap.Squeezing some out onto two fingers I spread it all over her pussy and asshole, pushing my finger in both. Her ass is quite loose, with just pulling the plug out, and my finger goes in easy. I wipe the excess off my fingers

The Piece Treaty 2nd gear

sign to install in the bed of RD’s pickup that read: "SEX TO YOUR DOOR and A HOLE LOT MORE, Call 555-1234". ***** The following Sunday morning found Ricky the wino passed out on Silvia’s porch with clothing & lingerie strung up the fancy walkway leading to her door. One pair of lacy red panties hung from the wrought iron gate post, waving in the

A Marriage Worth Saving

wet once before and that was the first night we were together. As he buried his face into her wetness I saw such delightful pure pleasure in her face. She let out a loud moan that startled me and I almost gasped and gave myself away at the window. Oooooohhhhh my goooooodneeessss! Immmmmm cuuuummmmming she managed to blurt out. Suck up all my cum,

Playing cards with Shirley and the guys

the couch. Her legs were tightly together. She was as stiff as a board. Her hands were down to her side. I told Matt and Hank to draw cards as to who would go first. Matt won and I heard Shirley moan. He went over to the couch and kissed her lips then moved down to her tits. Matt spread her legs until she had one foot on the floor. I saw Matt

Meeting Mistress' Final Need

mouth.You waited until she woke up. The sun was just starting to rise above the horizon when woke up, just as you had expected. It took her a few moments to realize what was happening and then several minutes to accept it. You had the strap-on ready for when she finally stopped struggling against the ropes.You even had her special lube, the one

The Truth About Her Past

casually. "Bigger than me?" I asked, predictably. "Quite long and very thick," she said again. "So yes, bigger than you." I didn't really know how to react to that. "Does size really matter?" I asked, pathetically. "Yes, size does matter. It's not always better, but in his case, yes, it was nice!" "Did you go down on him?" "Yes I did go down on

Inspiration Ch. 2

touching his asshole, poised, and ready to sheath itself in his tight, warm anus. Elizabeth was free of the strap-on now. She removed the cock from the harness opening, put the harness atop the dresser, and laid the pink phallus on Jon's broad chest. It was felt warm on his skin, and was still shiny from lubricant when he glanced down at it. The

The Hotel (Part One)

the room, it’s the first thing I’m aware of, aside from my rapidly beating heart. It’s a king size, made up so pristinely that I almost feel guilty about how terribly we’re going to mess it up. Almost. It looks so inviting that it takes all of my willpower to not push you down onto it and peel the clothes from your body. We have all the time that


year. +++ Dawn’s dynamic almost frustrated her. Maggie was half in her daydream, and half expecting Dawn to belt out the information she craved. ‘So, how is he?’ Dawn, ever the story teller, brought her along slowly. ‘He is good…great, actually. He lives down here, although, on Maui, he said. Owns his own little business.’ Maggie smiled and

Highway Stranger in the Rain

to eat her out even more. With one hand she is stroking my cock and the other holding the seat to keep her balance as her torso begins to quake to her even louder moans. When she releases I feel her sweet juices running down the side of both of my cheaks. And when she is almost finished she presses her cunt so firmly over my mouth and tongue and

Lisa's Morning After Pill

dull throbbing ache between her thin legs. Her thighs were sticky and bruised. She tried to move her right leg and brushed against the snoring man's chubby flaccid dick. Lisa's insides hurt and her head was throbbing. Slowly, the night before came back to her. She remembered sneaking into the club with her friend Alice, wearing some clothes

For Want of an Alien Baby

from her uterus. At that moment, there was a somewhat stronger vibration from beneath the floor, and the lights flickered a few times. As soon as Katrine saw this happen, she moved her foot from the containment field, and lashed upward, her heel connecting very solidly with the alien’s nose. With a blaring moan, the creature stumbled backward,

Dominating My Older Sis 4: Sister-Slave's Domination

moan, pressing her pussy back against my lips. And then more than pussy juices were flooding past my lips.Acrid piss splashed into my mouth.I gasped, swallowing it with the pussy cream, not caring that my sister urinated into my mouth as the rapture shot through me. My pussy convulsed even harder, humiliating ecstasy raging through me as I gulped

First Time Sharing my Wife

And had told Tony she might change her mind. But as soon as she walked in the room you could see she was really into it. She came in wearing a sexy red see-through house coat. And underneath she was wearing a matching black bra and panty outfit with a black garter belt and sheer stockings. With a pair of really tall black heels. She looked

Eviction: Week 02

the job description of a friend?’ Gwen said plainly, turning to face Tyler. Tyler set his jaw and looked away. ‘Yea, I guess it is,’ Tyler said coldly as he pushed away from the wall and resumed his laps. Gwen knew Tyler was the biggest flirt in the house and most of the girls went along with it. Gwen never saw a problem with flirting, as it

Sara & the Suit

young lady now, and her tight hole felt so good wrapped, snugly against his cock. He never had such a good fucking, even thinking back to the days with his wife. No girl had ever made his cock feel so good, and there was even the membrane separating them. What would it be like if he got his dick in her with nothing to stop himself? This would be

The Truth

he does something I don’t expect, He takes the hand on his chest and left it to his mouth and puts his cum coating fingers in his mouth and sucks them gently.This erotic sight is enough to send me over the end and I send the biggest load I’ve ever had deep into his bowels. I scream as I cum, filling him with my seed, as he clings to me, murmuring

Christmas Blessings

taken a backpacking trip up through Yellowstone National Park, camping out under the stars and making love in a single person sleeping bag. He could remember laughter and love during that trip, the funny positions they’d managed to get into in that sleeping bag as they’d tried to pleasure each other. Kendra’s laughter had rung clear and

A Dream

end. She pulled him down and thrust her tongue into his mouth. He was running off pure instinct now not even thinking about what he was doing or what would come next. He took the bucking of her hips as a sign to go harder and began to slam into her soaking love tunnel with all the force and speed he had. His tongued danced passionately with hers

Queen of the jungle

would have to be immune to her enormous sex appeal in order to observe the subtleties. The concierge looked up and smiled. It didn’t take much imagination or psychoanalytic knowhow to read the barely hidden lust that came over him as his eyes took her in. She gave him a token smile, while walking at a rapid pace in order to avoid needless

A Hypnotist’s Birthday

chained to a pole that held up the University’s logo in the middle of campus. Anna ran off into the night unshaken from the attack with her mind fully set on getting the hair dye. Clair then pulled out a marker pen and tried to start writing on the girl. She flailed in protest but Clair got as close as she could and warned her, ‘If you keep

One Little World Ch. 07

right now. He has to look over purchase orders from the flower shop or something like that." Nadia sat down on the couch. "You know . . . he closed the door to the study when he went in. I bet he wouldn't hear a thing if you climaxed out here."Shanon's back away."Well maybe you'd have to be quiet for him not to notice."Shanon shook her head and

Between Siblings Ch. 1

causing whimpers and screams to slip from her throat.The cold air seemed to freeze the water on her body while the wax burned her up. Ludwig splashed her again before picking up a box with one nob on it. It had wires hooked up to a battery on the floor and then two more to two metal rods, which he placed in her hands.She didn't know what to

Angel & Daddy's Story Ch. 04

not finished with you yet..."He grabs each ankle in his hands and pushes them back as far as they will go. "Good girl Angel. I can tell you've been working on getting more flexible." He says as her feet almost reach to beside her head. He lets go and grabs her little hands in his while he kneels below her on the bed. "Grab your ankles little one.

A Sister's Lust

her free period the next day she would go see him. Hopefully he had it free as well. Luck was on Sarah's side, she'd asked her psych teacher if she could talk to him during her free period, and he'd agreed. Now she just had to wait until then. For some reason, it seemed to take an abnormally long time, especially lunch with her sister. But

The Cabin - Part One

and we need to make the most of our time here, so I jump up off the bed. “Did you leave the water in the bath? I think we need to try and get some of this oil off?” I walk into the bathroom and jump in. He follows me in, settling opposite me in the tub. I wait until he is comfortable then start the jets so the bubbles stir back into life. From

Revenge is best served blonde 6: A Devil and an Angel

now. I did my best to block out anything from last night. It took me some time to work up my courage to walk out of my bedroom but i did. The house was empty. I had no idea where my mom was and i didn’t care. I was disappointed with myself. But i couldn’t think about it now, i had to just do better next time she tried something. I found a note on

The Dream Bed

a long corridor in an old mansion. A door swings open all by itself, and I step through it. At first, I think I am in a room, but there are no walls. The space I am in goes on and on into infinity. The light is low, and the air is filled with soft sounds of couples making love: kisses, moans, groans, and whispered words of excitement. There is a

Self-Made Cuckold

on his back, he plucked, sucked and twisted my nipples until I came all over his cock. That ebony head bumping my cervix drove me wild. He was very attentive of my needs, making me cum half a dozen times, using his fingers while giving his cock a rest."She could tell I was getting close. "I need your cum!" she whispered. "Where do you want it?

Forbidden Desires Ch.02

the drawer and pulled out a length of white silk and a pair of scissors. She watched him warily as he stood in front of her and tied her wrists together with the silk. Taking the ends he pulled them under the desk stretching her arms forward, moving behind her he spread her legs apart and brought the ends of the silk out and tied her ankles to

Oral Love To Blow

.(I found out in later times) She took all 8" into her mouth and down her throat without a gag. Moving with absolute precision using her tongue and mouth, she sucked so hard that withing a few minute I was in a predicament. My cum was about to explode, and softly I whispered to her " where do I release?". She said "in my mouth, and every drop

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 63

Jeff was continuing to put in the same effort he had when he was a student less than a month ago. I noticed something else disturbing. Before, time together and time not together was still our time. Now, even the time we spent together was time we each spent alone. Sunny would have recognized the difference in her relationship with Louis very

A Very Bad Date

we never went out much together, she was always good for a laugh when we were working. "Hi, Mazza," she giggled in reply, distracted as she was by her favourite barman, Jay, who was whispering sweet nothings into her ear. The two of them were inseparable! "Oh, you guys make me sick!" I said as I pretended to stick my fingers down my throat. "Get

The Massage

hot shower to help relax. There’s nothing better than standing under a jet of hot water, feeling it covering every inch of my body. I always get a little turned on in the shower, it must be the hot water and I could feel my cock starting to swell. Taking a handful of shower gel I cupped my balls in my hand and slowly and deliberately worked the

I asked our son to fuck his mother – Pt 2 – Our daughter comes home.

I guess we will need to use Davids room. He has a queen bed. Dad, Ive got an even better idea. You might find it even sexier if we went in and did it on your big bed while David and Mom are still doing it. John smiled and stood up. We better get in there before they are done. John thought he felt a little stirring between his legs as they walked

Good boy gets turned bad

several tattoos and piercings. Yet not at different times. Each ear lobe was pierced twice with a gun. Yet instead of leaving in the small piercing earring, a large diamond earring was placed twice in each ear. I could feel them pulling my ears down. Next came my eyebrow, with a small barbel. Then, each nipple, again with a small, silver barbell.

They Can’t Hide Forever

is based on a friend who was the Special Investigator in the actual case described in the story. He and others do a difficult job with their own satisfaction for justice as their main reward. All names and locations are fictitious and have been changed to protect the innocent. Any mistakes in the time line are mine. I hope you enjoy the story as

Lessons to Learn

tips of each. While you rub your cheeks over my shins, I say quietly, "we will now put away my tools."Your hips square again and I sit on your ass, directly above your legs. You crawl slowly to the washing machine, far across the floor, as I ride you. I drop the cloth in, knowing that it will be clean and put away before I am awake in the

The Pictures

pulled her hot, wet mouth back up Max's shaft, the sensation of her plump lips sending icy shivers up his back. She pulled her lips away from his dick, and held his straining erection flat against his firm abdomen. Cassie ran her tongue from the base to the tip, brushing it softly over the head making him arch his back and groan loudly. Cassie